The Revised EEO-1 Report: Seeing the Trees and the Forest


PeopleFluent is gearing up to sponsor and speak at the 2017 ILG National Conference – the foremost event on OFCCP compliance and EEO issues – in San Antonio, TX on August 1 - 4. 


At the Conference, we’d love to see you at the following sessions, presented by PeopleFluent experts:

  • “College and Universities: Undertaking a Best-Practice Study of Pay Equity” - August 1 @ 2:30 (pre-conference session #4, Workshop #2), Lisa Harpe Ph.D. and Murray Simpson Ph.D.
  • “The Revised EEO-1 Report: Seeing the Trees and the Forest” - August 2 @ 11:15 (general session #2, Workshop #6), Murray Simpson Ph.D. and Alex Gonzalez

During our August 2nd session, Murray and Alex will be advising attendees on how to “see both the trees and the forest” in filing revised EEO-1 reports.  Some companies are primarily focused on the details of compiling and integrating the data required for their revised EEO-1 reports and are forgoing consideration of the report’s statistical picture of their compensation practices that is provided to the EEOC and OFCCP.  Other federal contractors are not focused on the data details and instead are fretting about the heightened scrutiny the revised EEO-1 reports may bring to their firm.  

Looking at the “trees” – Murray and Alex will be reviewing the details of what specific changes are occurring to the revised EEO-1 reports, including: 

  • The new data elements needed for many firms, W-2 earnings and employee hours worked
  • Potential challenges and pitfalls in integrating the new data elements from HRIS, compensation, payroll and timekeeping systems
  • Best practices in aligning, merging, reconciling, and verifying accuracy of the new data elements
  • How to organize the data effectively into the proper reporting format

Then observing the “forest” – how to anticipate what the EEOC or OFCCP may find from statistical analysis of W-2 earnings and employee hours worked data submitted in the consolidated, headquarters, and individual establishment reports.  Our experts will describe the actions firms can take to prepare, including the following:

  • “Stress tests” that can be conducted to prepare for audits
  • Statistical analysis that can be performed on your data to spot any areas of potential concern
  • Conduct a comprehensive pay equity study

We will be in booths 37 and 38 (near the entrance of the exhibit hall); please be sure to stop by for a dialogue on seeing the trees and the forest. 

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