Want to Hire the Best Talent Possible in 2016? Here’s What You Need to Know about the Candidate Experience

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It’s a tough market to close in on qualified, in-demand talent, and it’s only going to continue to be highly competitive next year. The job market has become more of a candidate’s market, where highly-qualified individuals are spoiled with choices. Losing good candidates hurts, but losing highly talented prospects because they had negative experiences throughout their candidacy with your organization should hurt more.

Make your talent acquisition a New Year’s resolution to improve that candidate experience, and minimize those painful losses. Get started by joining us and Elaine Orler, CEO and founder of Talent Function, and co-founder and Chairman of Talent Board, today, 12/15/15, at 2pm EST for our webinar: “Emerging Trends in the Candidate Experience: Recruiter Tools, Advantages and Strategies in 2016.”

In this session, Orler will address the challenges organizations must overcome in order to retain talented candidates during the application process, providing HR managers with the tools needed to prevent losses. Orler will also present the advantages video and social media can have to demonstrate corporate culture and discuss the importance of optimized career websites. Attendees will also learn how to:

  • Highlight company branding and culture with real-life engaging experiences
  • Optimize career websites for seamless mobile access and the strategic advantage incorporating video clips can have
  • Engage candidates on industry communities and social properties such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Learn to create a compelling, transparent and positive experience for candidates that result in quality hires. Register today for Emerging Trends in the Candidate Experience: Recruiter Tools, Advantages and Strategies in 2016,” and get a head start on 2016’s talent acquisition strategy. We hope to see you there!

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