Workforce Compliance and Diversity Measurement Checklist: Who, What, and How to Measure

worforce compliance and diversity checklist

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When it comes to compliance and diversity, analytics are everywhere. For compliance managers and HR professionals, the challenge isn’t knowing these metrics exist – it’s knowing what to measure, where to start and how to align compliance and diversity initiatives with current business processes. And with looming compliance audits and increasing pressure from executive leadership to focus on diversity and inclusion, putting the right processes and measurements in place can be downright daunting.

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself and exercises to complete – covering everything from your current state of compliance to the processes you need to put in place – that will help you overcome workforce compliance and diversity challenges. Working through these lists of questions will put you on the path to both audit readiness and the diverse workforce you need for a competitive advantage. 

Metrics Visibility

WCAD metrics visibility

Measurement Goals

WCAD measurement goals

Measuring Change

WCAD Measuring Change


Once you’ve answered the questions that uncover what you need to be measuring, consider completing a few exercises to identify additional analytics needs.

> Rank your organization’s compliance and diversity challenges. For example:

  • Have you been audited and had to pay fines?
  • Have there been EEOC claims or OFCCP audits?
  • Is there pressure from leadership to build a more diverse workforce?

> Build your team. Use our worksheet to identify team members who are critical to your workforce compliance and diversity metrics initiatives.

> Learn more about how to look forward. Work through the checklists above for a better understanding of predictive analytics.

How Peoplefluent Can Help

Peoplefluent solutions mean tools and consulting for both identifying risk and maintaining compliance and diversity once your workforce’s gaps are identified. Our tools provide:

> Diversity reporting and trend lines

> Visibility to compliance risks

> Org charts with diversity reporting and filtering 

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