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Affirmative Action Planning Services

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PeopleFluent for Affirmative Action Planning

Affirmative Action Planning Outsourcing

PeopleFluent’s affirmative action planning experts provide expertise and efficient, cost-effective preparation of affirmative action plans (AAPs), while guaranteeing 100 percent technical compliance.

Services include:

  • Experts prepare the necessary reports and analyze your affirmative action plans
  • Designated consultants outline your OFCCP compliance needs
  • Management dashboards identify potential risks
  • EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reporting
  • Adverse impact analysis
  • Compensation compliance
  • Audit support
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The Four Key Components of a
Successful Affirmative Action Program

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Employment Practices Risk Analysis

Leverage statistical analysis, industrial organizational psychology, and litigation support experts to ensure compliant HR practices across all talent management stages. The PeopleFluent Research Institute’s PHD-accredited consultants identify adverse impact or inequitable pay practices within various selection or performance decisions, to minimize risks during an OFCCP audit or litigation proceedings.

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The PeopleFluent Research Institute (PRI), through its PHD-accredited consultants, delivers compliance-risk mitigation services including:

  • Hiring Decision Analysis – Evaluate the various steps of the hiring process to identify and isolate if and where adverse impact exists
  • Compensation Analysis - Analyze differences in current pay rates based on claims filed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or the Equal Pay Act and/or anticipate what the OFCCP may find in an audit
  • Termination and RIF Analysis - Analyze differences in termination rates for adverse impact of any group of employees by age, race, or gender
  • Performance Evaluation Analysis - Determine if a particular protected group receives a disproportionate number of lower ratings
  • Test Validation - Evaluate the validity of employment test/s used in the hiring or promotion process
  • OFCCP Audit Support – OFCCP experts assist you with all aspects of OFCCP audit proceedings
  • Employment Litigation Support – Employment discrimination experts provide your legal team guidance on defending lawsuits
  • Wage-and-Hour Collective Actions – PRI consultants provide statistical analysis and expert testimony for wage-and-hour disputes

OFCCP Audit Support

PeopleFluent’s Affirmative Action planning experts enable you to be prepared for an audit, and also promptly respond to an audit Scheduling Letter. Pre-audit, audit, and post-audit support services are available.


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