A Learning Experience Platform built for how we work and live.

Instilled by PeopleFluent makes learning work the way it should. Visual. Clickable. Searchable. Shareable. Mobile.

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People are used to intuitive technology. They carry touch-screen devices in their pockets and use them to buy groceries, send packages, and even turn on the lights before arriving  home at night. Learning should be that easy. The Instilled by PeopleFluent LXP makes the right skills available to everyone and anyone, anywhere and everywhere. If it’s how we live, it should be how we learn.

A Top 20 Learning Experience Platform

The Instilled by PeopleFluent has been named as a Top 20 Learning Experience Platform (LXP) by Training Industry.

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Quick, simple creation and sharing

Let instructors and SMEs collaborate on engaging learning content. Built, cataloged, shared, and tracked using the same interface. With the user-friendly experience people expect.

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Reach your people where they are

Automatic transcription of videos. Translation into more than 100 languages. Social learning and sharing. Content designed for today’s users, where and how they need it.

People communicating around the globe

Built on video. Ready for anything.

Originally an enterprise video platform. Now a platform that blends video with eLearning modules, documents, whatever you can imagine to make your learning journeys come to life. Recording directly inside the LXP. Blend in screen captures and slide shares. Using any device and any source files. Organized into a visually engaging library.

Video native

Simple, time-saving interface

Organize content into user-friendly playlists, chapters, and libraries. Rely on the robust search tool to make finding the right content faster and easier. So users spend less time looking and more time learning. Even search spoken words within videos.

Easy to use interface

A powerful learning tool

Instilled by PeopleFluent is learning technology built for today’s users. Robust search capabilities. Attractive design. Simple click or touch UX. The way technology is supposed to work.

Man quickly searching video content

Measuring what really matters

See how learners are using content by tracking favorites, subscribers and comments. Completion rates are no longer enough. Engaged employees drive productivity. The Instilled by PeopleFluent LXP drives engagement.

learning metrics

Remember, also, that LXP platforms are not “content” systems at all – they sit above the content. So there is a new breed of LXP coming, which is best exemplified by Instilled, which lets you publish and index video, transcribe and translate content, edit, coordinate, and amplify video and slides – all within the LXP.

- Josh Bersin, Global Independent Analyst

Josh Bersin

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