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Multiple Assignments refers to situations where employees hold two or more distinct jobs within a single organization. It's essential for these employees—and their managers—that their LMS can efficiently link these different assignments.

Multiple Assignments are typically found in industries with multiple locations in close proximity e.g. education and healthcare, where the ability to support multiple assignments within a single LMS is crucial.

The system reflects all of the learner’s training for all assignments—in this way learners can have different jobs and learning paths, different locations, and different managers, but the learner and their manager can see a full list of current and completed courses.


Benefits of Using an LMS for Multiple Assignments

  • No need for multiple log-ins. Convenient and easy system access is provided through a single log-in
  • Easy for learners to switch between assignments
  • Learners only need to update personal details (like name and address) once
  • Employees don’t have to repeat the same learning tasks in different assignments
  • Highly visual learning paths provide a full overview of learners’ entire training

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