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Tuesday June 5, 6:00 PM EST

More Recruiting. Less Administration. Faster Hiring.

Empower your recruiters do what they do best--attract and hire great talent.

Shift Time to Adding Value

We’ve spent time with thousands of recruiters and they have one thing in common: there aren’t enough hours in the day. They spend their time playing social secretary for hiring managers, fighting with technology, and reporting on reports. 

PeopleFluent Recruiting gives hours spent on administrative tasks back to the recruiter. That way they don’t spend all their time on opening reqs, emailing, scheduling, posting jobs or other activities that are easily automated and simplified. Instead, they can do what they do best: recruit.

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Proactive Rather Than Reactive

It’s the dream of so many organizations—to stop reacting and start driving. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult as recruiters are managing more and more reqs.  With no end to the volume in sight, you need to stop the madness.

Don’t start every search like it is new. Create talent pools that you can tap into. Look at talent that you already have on staff. Continuously source those roles where there is an ongoing need. With PeopleFluent Recruiting, you work smarter so you can get ahead.

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Gartner Recognizes PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent received the highest Product Scores of the 12 vendors assessed in the “Attract and Retain Talent” and “High-Volume Talent Management” Use Cases


Win on Candidate Experience

You may be looking for highly specialized talent like brokers or nurses, or other in-demand roles such as welders or warehouse workers. Regardless, candidate experience matters.

Whether it is how much time it takes to complete your application or how your site works on different devices, each interaction adds up to create your employer brand. You’ll never lose a candidate for things that can easily be taken care of with PeopleFluent Recruiting.

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