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Unify all your talent acquisition and talent management processes into a single, collaborative workspace that reflects your unique talent strategies, culture, and employer brand


Amplify productivity, engage hiring managers, and craft winning candidate experiences


Build a motivated talent pipeline through career development and succession planning


Balance appraisals, goal setting, and competency assessments with ongoing feedback


Design, model, and execute end-to-end compensation programs


Elevate patient experience as an employer of choice


Close the skills gap and drive efficiency, quality, and productivity

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Transform talent strategies into the engine for business success


Attract and retain high-volume and specialized talent

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And craft seamless experiences for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

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Create Compelling Candidate Experiences

Good talent is hard to find, and great talent is even harder to win. Whether you’re looking for specialized roles like nurses, welders, or engineers, or high volume roles like warehouse workers or servers, your candidate experience matters. 

Of course, this is no secret to you. That’s why you’ve spent time defining your employer brand and unique value proposition. It’d be a shame for that effort to be wasted because your candidate experience is frustrating.

The modern candidate experience is fluid, effortless, and engaging—no matter the device. With PeopleFluent Recruiting, you can create experiences that amplify your employer brand through Quick Apply, Responsive Design, embedded videos, and the ability to create unique processes for different geographies or talent communities. Find out how.

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“I wanted to make us as competitive as possible and maintain the American Cancer Society feeling—that spirit—throughout a person’s journey with our applicant tracking system.”
Carolyn Thomas
Carolyn Thomas
Vice President, Talent Attraction and Retention
American Cancer Society
“As we started our talent transformation journey, we had 80 systems, yet everything was manual…We wanted a seamless, integrated experience, and our motto was: ‘Technology is the enabler, not the lead.’

That’s why we chose PeopleFluent to help us with the technology and the system we needed to build.”
Yvonne Williams
Head of Global Human Capital Enablement
Standard Bank

Put Recruiters—Not Software—in Charge

Our goal is simple: make recruiters better recruiters. If your team is fighting with inflexible software, suffering through painful implementations, or hacking your processes just to make things work, it’s time to think differently.

PeopleFluent Recruiting empowers recruiters to source the right talent—whether it’s internal, external, or already in your database. As applicants move through your hiring process, it’s easy to see exactly where they are and automate their progression.

Our biggest fans are companies with complexity. In fact, when you ask our customers their favorite thing about PeopleFluent Recruiting, it’s how simple and logical we make things for them. That’s why we’re a Worldwide IDC MarketScape Leader in integrated talent management.

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Simplify Hiring for Managers

Many recruiting teams will not let hiring managers access their systems… and we understand why. It can be complex, frustrating, and ultimately result in more work for everybody involved.

With PeopleFluent Recruiting, hiring managers can easily review candidates, provide feedback, and have all the tools you’ve created for them at their fingertips. Additionally, you can ensure they have more time to spend with great candidates by using video questionnaires for screening.   

As you probably know, you have some excellent hiring managers who exemplify the employer brand, remember the process, and always have the right interview guide. Then there are those who—shall we say—struggle. Why not make it easier for them to be better interviewers and brand ambassadors for your company? Find out how PeopleFluent can help you keep your key stakeholders happy and informed, take some of the load off your recruiters, and improve your candidates’ interview experience—all in one place.

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