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Unify all your talent acquisition and talent management processes into a single, collaborative workspace that reflects your unique talent strategies, culture, and employer brand


Amplify productivity, engage hiring managers, and craft winning candidate experiences


Build a motivated talent pipeline through career development and succession planning


Balance appraisals, goal setting, and competency assessments with ongoing feedback


Design, model, and execute end-to-end compensation programs


Elevate patient experience as an employer of choice


Close the skills gap and drive efficiency, quality, and productivity

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Transform talent strategies into the engine for business success


Attract and retain high-volume and specialized talent

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PeopleFluent Recruiting

Create Compelling Candidate Experiences

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Tell Your Brand Story

When you think about it, recruiting is a lot like marketing. To attract customers—or in this case, candidates—you have to know your audience, craft a compelling message, and effectively convey the information they need to make an educated, enthusiastic decision. Easier said than done, right?

PeopleFluent Recruiting helps you think like a marketer, so you don’t lose great talent to an outdated web layout or lack of responsiveness. Candidates want to get excited about you, feel confident they’re a great fit, and connect with you on multiple platforms. From videos illustrating your corporate culture or a particular job’s responsibilities, to social media integration for LinkedIn and Twitter, a modern, engaging candidate experience strengthens your employer brand. The result? A lot more smart, dedicated, qualified applicants. 

Eliminate Candidate Effort

Eliminate Candidate Effort

Did you know that (on average) for every page you add to a job application, 50% of your candidates drop off? In other words, if 100 people apply for a role, and your application has five pages, less than 10 will actually complete it. That’s a lot of lost talent! Candidates are often on-the-go and simply don’t have the time to finish a 30-minute application or struggle to find a computer when your site isn’t compatible with their cell phone. With video interviews, mobile responsive technology, and Quick Apply resume parsing, PeopleFluent Recruiting makes applying and interviewing a breeze for busy candidates.   

Personalize the Journey

When candidates do invest the time to apply (and even interview), nothing’s more defeating than getting the generic “thanks, but no thanks” email partway through the process—or worse, never hearing back. People know they won’t always get an offer, but they still want to feel valued—and if they don’t, they’re more likely to post a negative review online or renounce their longtime loyalty to your brand. With PeopleFluent Recruiting, you can automate personalized messages to eliminated candidates and even stay in touch with them over time. That way, the next time there’s another job opening, they just may be encouraged to try again.

Personalize The Journey

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