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Unify all your talent acquisition and talent management processes into a single, collaborative workspace that reflects your unique talent strategies, culture, and employer brand


Amplify productivity, engage hiring managers, and craft winning candidate experiences


Build a motivated talent pipeline through career development and succession planning


Balance appraisals, goal setting, and competency assessments with ongoing feedback


Design, model, and execute end-to-end compensation programs


Elevate patient experience as an employer of choice


Close the skills gap and drive efficiency, quality, and productivity

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Transform talent strategies into the engine for business success


Attract and retain high-volume and specialized talent

PeopleFluent Recruiting

Put Recruiters—Not Software—in Charge 

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The average recruiter has about 80 requisitions to fill at any given time. Some even have over 100! Whether you consistently struggle to find the specialized talent you need, or you feel like you’re hiring for the same exact role over and over, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to handle it all. With PeopleFluent Recruiting, you can easily locate qualified candidates in your database, set Saved Searches so you’re notified when they appear in your system, and reach out to them automatically via bulk emails. For high volume positions, Continuous Sourcing allows you to recruit ahead of demand, so you always have interview-ready candidates at your fingertips when the time is right.


Work Your Way

PeopleFluent realizes that every recruiting process is different. Maybe you have separate pipelines for corporate versus high volume service roles, or your interview stages vary from department to department. As the workforce grows increasingly global, you may be drawing talent from around the world. How do you adapt your application for such a diverse range of languages and business policies? No matter how complex your organization, PeopleFluent Recruiting puts you in control with flexible, easily configurable workflows. You can adjust your process based on job type, region, or another category relevant to you, so finding great talent remains your focus—not struggling with software. 

Report on the Fly

Some hiring processes seem effortless—you build a pool of excellent applicants, communicate efficiently with the hiring manager to coordinate a series of interviews, and ultimately extend an offer to the top candidate. Others…well…don’t go as smoothly. How do you determine what’s working and what’s not? PeopleFluent Recruiting includes 140 pre-built reports with configurable dashboards and a drag-and-drop interface, so you can track what’s important to you and your team, send custom reports to key stakeholders, and harness the power of your data to acquire the best talent. 

Report On The Fly

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