Talent mobility software to identify, grow, and retain your top talent.

Discover how to maximize overall workforce agility with an AI-driven talent marketplace. From identifying skills gaps to carving new career paths, our talent mobility solution helps you create unique employee experiences that drive engagement and retention, and prepares you for the future of work.

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PeopleFluent Talent Mobility is changing the way organizations approach talent management. It’s a true talent experience platform that nurtures career growth, optimizes training, and builds a high-performing workforce.

Break down organizational silos and highlight versatile career paths

When employees don’t see room to grow, they're more likely to leave. PeopleFluent Talent Mobility opens the doors for them to stay by highlighting growth opportunities that align with their career aspirations. Help your employees see beyond today, and find new ways to map their career to internal opportunities, where their skill set and strengths can be better utilized.

Empower employees to navigate and grow their careers

  • Identify new potential career paths and opportunities.
  • Identify your high potentials and high performers.
  • Make internal mobility a priority.

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Recommend learning to the right employees at the right time

Learning is integral to a successful talent mobility program. Deliver targeted learning and training based on employee development goals to strengthen your talent pipeline. Make sure your employees have access to knowledge and training to build skills and develop continuously.

Drive a culture of continuous skills development

  • Measure the effectiveness and utilization of learning.
  • Deliver targeted learning based on specific skill gaps and career aspirations.
  • Match employees to projects and growth opportunities through a talent marketplace.
  • Recommend skills-based mentors to employees through a mentor marketplace.
  • Integrate with your preferred learning platform (LMS or LXP).

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Build an agile workforce with an AI-powered talent marketplace

Get unparalleled views into the abilities of your workforce. Employees add their skill sets, aspirations, and development interests. Managers quickly find people who can help get projects started and finished faster. It's more than a simplified internal job board. PeopleFluent Talent Mobility uses artificial intelligence to automatically connect people to projects and send recommendations to project managers.

Create an internal gig culture that enhances employee engagement

  • Match employees to internal projects that align with their career paths and interests.
  • Quickly find hidden talent to support priority projects.
  • Create fluid talent structures designed to upskill and reskill employees.
  • Identify the skills project managers need for projects.
  • Manage projects, share notes, and schedule meetings in one location.
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Match employees to mentors to maximize career growth

When done well, mentoring can help keep employees engaged, drive knowledge sharing, and help retain top talent. For many employees, it’s viewed as critical to their professional success. Our marketplace makes it easy for employees to find or become a mentor.

Support career mobility through relevant mentorships

  • Find available mentors who have a particular area of expertise through the topic library.
  • Track mentoring engagements, feedback, and progress.
  • See the skills employees are learning from mentors.
  • Opt in to mentor others.

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Empower recruiters to take a more proactive approach to internal recruiting

Make it easier for recruiters to include internal talent when filling open roles, and provide your top talent with new opportunities. With the recruiter portal, you have greater transparency into the skills, interests, and aspirations of employees, allowing you to fill open roles faster. And, the truth is that internal candidates typically outperform external candidates.

Increase internal mobility and retain high performers

  • Recommend internal job openings to employees based on their skills and career interests.
  • Empower recruiters to push jobs to employees based on interests and skills.
  • Give recruiters transparency into who is viewing posted jobs.
  • Filter to find relevant internal candidates who match the job requisition.

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Capture talent insights to make better people decisions

Consider the abundance of talent data in your current systems: performance ratings, career history, skills, training, competencies, succession plans, and more. By applying advanced analytics and machine learning, PeopleFluent Talent Mobility pulls that rich talent data together to provide clear insights to support data-driven decisions.

Track the effectiveness of your talent mobility strategy

  • Integrate with existing HRIS and other HR systems.
  • Build easy-to-understand reports—no data experts needed!
  • Leverage predictive analytics to forecast skills needs and potential flight risks.
  • Build success profiles that determine the ideal candidate.
  • Identify your high potentials and high performers.
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Identify critical skills gaps, and then fill them

Gain in-depth visibility into skills (and skills gaps). Your employees want to know about lateral and advancement opportunities. Help employees see and understand potential career paths and the skills and abilities they need to make the move.

Get clear visibility of skills deficits

  • Perform in-depth role-based skills gap analyses.
  • Forecast future talent skill and capability gaps.
  • Drive a more-informed and optimized L&D plan.
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I’m excited to see PeopleFluent bring [Talent Mobility] into the family and expand what they are offering the market. The piece that particularly intrigues me is the focus on talent analytics, offering insights into high potential talent, skills gaps, and more.

- Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst

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