Career Pathing

Help your employees build and follow multi-directional career paths and redesign the career experience.

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Drive meaningful career progression and skills development with an agile approach to talent development. Our talent mobility software can match employees to potential roles that align to their skills and career aspirations, and prepare them for their next step faster.

Help employees see and shape their career journeys

To keep your best employees, make it easier for them to see potential career paths they can take within your organization. Once they upload their resume, PeopleFluent Talent Mobility uses AI-based matching to instantly show employees the roles and opportunities that best align to their unique skills, goals, aspirations, interests, and experience.

Make it easier for employees to stay by helping them find their way

  • Give employees visibility into internal positions that match their skills and aspirations.
  • Map skills, goals, and experiences to career opportunities.
Career Pathing Feature 1

Pave the path for career growth and development

Based on the opportunities employees want to pursue, the talent mobility solution conducts an instant skills gap analysis. Employees can then see a personalized list of projects, mentors, and learning resources that can help guide their specific career plan.

Give employees a clear path to their next role and the skills they need to get there.

  • Provide employees with the tools to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Deliver targeted learning opportunities by connecting with your learning platform (LMS or LXP).
  • Tie re-skilling efforts directly to career pathing to create a collaborative employee-employer relationship focused on talent development.
Career Pathing Feature 2

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