Internal Mobility

Internal mobility tools that drive greater levels of employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

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Align talent acquisition and talent development and take a more strategic approach to internal mobility. Develop your internal talent and fill open roles with candidates who can contribute right away.

Empower recruiters to build a rich talent pipeline of internal candidates

With the right level of visibility, recruiters can effectively facilitate and promote internal mobility. The AI-powered matching capabilities of PeopleFluent Talent Mobility helps reduce recruiting costs and time to hire by quickly identifying internal candidates who fit your job requirements.

Pull in open jobs and target employees who match the required skills, experience, and interest level

  • Integrate with your existing recruiting solution and make it easier for recruiters to access internal candidate data.
  • Search for candidates by requisition ID.
  • Proactively push jobs to specific employees to encourage them to apply for a specific open role.
  • Lower turnover rates by satisfying the aspirations of your current employees.
Internal Mobility Feature 1

Increase visibility of the open roles in your organization

When employees see opportunities within your organization, they are more likely to stay. Often, they just don’t have visibility into open roles. PeopleFluent Talent Mobility has internal matching capabilities, which can connect employees with roles that fit their profile

Keep your best people by making sure they can see new roles that fit their career path

  • Automate talent profiles that can help match employees to the right roles.
  • Give employees visibility into internal positions and notify them when new opportunities arise.
  • Use AI-driven intelligent matching of people to opportunities.
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