Mentors Marketplace

A mentor marketplace can help foster and guide employee growth and continuous learning. PeopleFluent Talent Mobility automates the matching of employees with potential mentors based on skills and career interests.

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Take a structured approach to mentoring and facilitate impactful relationships. Mentors can offer career guidance, insight, and advice to help employees advance in their careers.

Match employees to skills-based mentors

One of the biggest challenges to mentorship programs is helping an employee find the right mentor. With an increasing amount of mobility and more remote working, organic mentoring opportunities are occurring less frequently. PeopleFluent Talent Mobility can help ensure those looking for mentorship can find it.

Create a mentorship program with purpose

  • Employees receive mentor recommendations, who have a particular area of expertise through the topic library.
  • Track mentoring engagements, feedback, and progress.
  • See the skills employees are learning from mentors.
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Employees can also become mentors for others

A successful mentorship program begins with building a network of mentors. With PeopleFluent Talent Mobility, it’s easy for employees to become a mentor.

Make it easy to recruit new mentors

  • Employees can opt in or out of being available as a mentor at any time.
  • Mentors can identify areas of expertise in which they feel comfortable to serve as a mentor.
  • Once matched mentor and mentees can message via the Talent Mobility platform.
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