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Build an internal talent marketplace that goes beyond simple job boards. PeopleFluent Talent Mobility provides a true internal marketplace to match people to priority projects.

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When you understand the skills and capabilities of your people, you can quickly deploy them to support shifting priorities, while offering meaningful work experience and employee development.

Encourage and support cross-functional projects and gigs

Develop your market of internal capabilities to help find internal talent faster to support short-term projects and assignments. These career development opportunities keep your people engaged with stretch assignments and ensure your business can pivot and adapt.

Create a flexible and agile culture that grows skills and experience

  • Managers can post their projects and see employees who fit the immediate need.
  • Quickly deploy people for project-based work that aligns to business needs.
  • Reduce external expenses associated with project-based work.
Projects Marketplace Feature 1

Create project-based mobility opportunities

Project-based mobility provides valuable development experiences that more employees are looking for. It also helps remove one of the key talent mobility obstacles: talent hoarding, whereby some managers may block long-term mobility opportunities.

Make it easy for employees to explore and participate in internal projects

  • Employees receive recommended projects based on skills and skill gaps.
  • Once matched, employees and managers can message via the Talent Mobility platform.
  • Promote learning and upskilling efforts through short-term projects.
  • Track progress and outcomes of internal project experience.
Projects Marketplace Feature 2

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