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online diversity consulting

PeopleFluent Workforce Diversity Training

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PeopleFluent for Diversity and Inclusion

Classroom Diversity Training

PeopleFluent diversity experts are available for on-site classroom training. These courses offer an in-depth look at how diversity training empowers your workforce to become more inclusive and appreciative of each other. Popular courses, such as Implicit Bias, provide guidance to managers as they embark on diversity and inclusion initiatives. On-site and online training is also available.


online diversity consulting

Measuring Diversity for Success

How and Why Organizations Use Strategic Diversity Measurement
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Online Diversity Training

PeopleFluent offers a range of online diversity training courses on topics such as managing the multi-generational workforce, building cross-cultural teams, and the power of respectful language. Online training services provide a flexible, trackable, and actionable plan that delivers business benefits.

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Online Diversity and Inclusion Training includes:

  • Diversity in Action: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Uncovering Implicit Bias
  • Transition to Respect
  • Team Building Across Cultures
  • Capitalizing on Demographic Change
  • Diversity Benefits for all Employers
  • Doing Business in a Global Economy
  • Hiring High-Quality Diverse Candidates
  • Leading a Diverse Organization
  • Managing the Multigenerational Workforce
  • The Power of Respectful Language


PeopleFluent offers free and for-fee webinars on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics that attract hundreds of human resource professionals. These webinars are often credited (HRCI recertification hours), while also providing actionable information on:

  • Beginning, intermediate, and advanced diversity programs
  • Creating diversity metrics and benchmarks
  • Reducing legal risk
  • Communicating diversity goals
  • Analyzing diversity and inclusion ROI
  • Developing leadership support for diversity and inclusion goals
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