5 Hidden Costs of Inaccurate Compensation

Compensation plan development, management, and administration is one of the most critical – and can be one of the most challenging – aspects of the employee experience.

Get it right and you create an environment where employees feel motivated, respected, and rewarded. Making missteps, however, can be costlier than you think.

Here’s the good news: PeopleFluent is here to help!

We’ve created this handy e-book aimed at identifying – and avoiding – some of the most common, and most costly, compensation management slip-ups.

More importantly, however, we’ve developed a comprehensive compensation management solution that empowers you to:

  • Achieve configuration without compromise
    Simple and straightforward configuration accommodates your unique business workflows, not force you to alter processes to compensate for inflexible code.

  • Bring order to chaos
    Eliminate the security risks & errors associated with Excel, automate roll-ups and eligibility rules to improve first-pass quality and reduce review cycles, improve collaboration between CHRO & finance teams by eliminating end-of-cycle surprises.

  • Deliver actionable insight
    Deliver the transparency necessary to demonstrate how compensation is being used as a tool to motivate and retain key talent, as well as evaluate how managers are leveraging compensation budgets to drive business results.

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