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compliance reporting
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Compliance Reporting Center

How you track and manage compliance assets such as Good Faith Efforts or outreach activities is under scrutiny. With recent changes like the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) transition to Active Case Enforcement, the burden of proper record-keeping practices for HR management has magnified.  Now, with PeopleFluent’s Compliance Reporting Center (CRC), you can elevate your Affirmative Action Program with the industry’s first online, automated affirmative action tracking and reporting solution. Stakeholders can plan and capture Good Faith Efforts and other critical compliance documentation mitigating costs and risks associated with manual tracking and distribution.

Mobile Workforce Compliance Management

Managing an Affirmative Action Program (AAP) or Diversity Program requires visibility from anywhere, anytime. The CRC is a web-based application that is now approved for use on various tablets. While out of the office, you can easily monitor the status of Good Faith Effort activities by establishment and gauge the effectiveness of external outreach programs based on external availability, applicant pool, and current representation with intuitive dashboards. With this mobile access, you stay informed of critical information that drives the front end of your AAP and directs necessary resources toward diverse recruiting efforts. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use the PeopleFluent CRC on an iPad.

good faith effort manager

Good Faith Effort Manager

Proactively define, schedule, track, and report Good Faith Efforts and outreach activities by division, by region and by title through our secure, web-based platform. Empower business managers to spend more time working toward achieving business results rather than chasing documentation during an audit. Contact us for more about efficiently preparing Good Faith Effort documentation.


gap analysis dashboard

Gap Analysis Dashboard

Leadership and program owners can quickly assess how recruiting efforts impact the Affirmative Action Plan goals. PeopleFluent Dashboards equip stakeholders at all levels with the relevant information to align recruiting resources and outreach efforts, to comply with OFCCP regulations. Contact us today for more on managing outreach activities against applicant and current representation levels.


document management system

Document Management System

Close the loop of your Affirmative Action Program with a collaborative tool that allows you to securely create, store, and disseminate compliance and diversity plans, reports, policies, manuals, or video files improving your record-keeping practices.

To learn more about how our Compliance Reporting Center software can benefit your business, please contact us today.