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eeo compliance consulting
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EEO Compliance Consulting

Be proactive and minimize risk by identifying and addressing potential discrimination before an Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) compliance review or Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claim. The PeopleFluent Research Institute (PRI), a team of seasoned statisticians, industrial / organizational psychologists and support staff apply statistical models in innovative ways to evaluate allegations of discriminatory employment practices, assess claims of wage-and-hour violations, estimate damages for which a company may be liable, and provide litigation and OFCCP audit support.

Litigation Support

Enhance your defense with our industry experts available to analyze and serve as testifying or consulting witnesses in employment discrimination lawsuits or Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) wage-and-hour collective actions.  

OFCCP Audit Preparation & Support

Proactively prepare your compliance team for an OFCCP audit with statistical analyses and mock audits similar to those used by the OFCCP when analyzing all relevant aspects of your employment decision and record keeping processes.  

Compensation Analysis

An integral part of your compensation planning process is the analysis of differences in current pay rates among employees performing the same jobs with similar levels of skill, effort, and responsibility. Contact us to help you balance compensation distribution and ensure fair and equal pay.

Analysis of Selection Decisions

Drive consistency in how selection decisions are made across your organization when you understand how and where adverse impact resides in steps within hiring, promotion, and termination practices.

Testing Validation

Protect your organization against claims of race or gender bias in applicant or employee testing for pre-screening, selection, or advancement. Get a full analysis of screening questions or tests to determine if adverse impact exists on any legally protected group to help defend against potential discrimination claims. 

To learn more about how our EEO Compliance Consulting software can benefit your business, pleasecontact us today.