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hr compliance
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HR Compliance and Diversity

PeopleFluent HR Compliance and Diversity allows you to build a high-performance, diverse workforce with defensible HR practices that protect your brand before, during, and after an Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) audit. Complex regulatory changes and an increase in OFCCP audit frequency and intensity has managers of Affirmative Action Programs seeking assistance to ensure compliant HR practices. PeopleFluent empowers companies to leverage the Affirmative Action Plan as a strategic asset that drives equal employment practices and compliance at every stage of the talent management lifecycle. Through innovative risk mitigation solutions and consulting expertise, key stakeholders will enhance planning, implementation, management and reporting of workforce metrics for an Affirmative Action Plan.

Affirmative Action Planning

Enhance management’s visibility of workforce metrics to efficiently produce affirmative action plans. Small to large federal contractors can produce 100% compliant plans internally or extend their HR team with our trusted consulting and outsourcing services.

Compliance Reporting Center

Leverage the industry’s first automated Good Faith Efforts Manager to plan and document local and remote outreach efforts. Automate how HR, business managers, and senior management track, document, and communicate critical compliance assets from a secure, web-based storage location.

OFCCP Audit Support

Align your HR activities and data closer to OFCCP requirements, which drives your audit strategy to help prepare and end a compliance review at the Desk Audit stage. Discover how to gauge the effectiveness of your Affirmative Action Program with a mock audit that helps your compliance team efficiently maneuver through an OFCCP audit.

EEO Compliance Consulting

Leverage statistical analysis, industrial organizational psychology, and litigation support to enhance management’s influence on compliant HR practices across all talent management stages. With PeopleFluent's Research Institute, our EEO Compliance Consultants identify adverse impact or inequitable pay practices within various selection or performance decisions to minimize risks during an OFCCP audit or litigation proceedings.

EEO Compliance Training

As OFCCP compliance reviews and Equal Employment Opportunity claims continue to increase, meeting federally mandated training requirements is a must. Leverage our pre-packaged compliance courses or easily customize content to align to your business needs. Our content is designed by attorneys and trainers, easy to administer, and delivered online or in the classroom. Learn more about EEO Compliance Training.

To learn more about how our HR Compliance and Diversity software can benefit your business, please contact us today.