Recruit like Belichick and Hire like DePodesta:

Draft Strategies to Win Top Talent

Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 1-2pm EST

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About the Event

The right talent can be the difference between a championship ring and a losing record. In professional football, you don’t get to hang around long if you lose. Therefore, top coaches have perfected ways to identify the right talent. How can you apply the same Talent Acquisition strategies at your organization?

If you want to recruit like Belichick and hire like DePodesta, register for this PeopleFluent Webinar on Thursday, April 27th at 1pm EST, to learn how you can:

  • Spot and attract unique talent
  • Use moneyball strategies to win the war for talent
  • Remain top-of-mind for highly sought after candidates
  • Apply championship-winning strategies in the enterprise


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The Panel

Our panel of recruiting experts has worked with companies around the globe to help them perfect a winning talent strategy. Ajay Patel has an extensive background in recruiting for the biggest brands in retail, and Jack Hill is a recruiting veteran who has been around since the Rolodex was considered an ATS. Sheridan Orr, a customer experience expert, will moderate as Ajay and Jack share recruiting lessons from top coaches, and how companies are applying those strategies to attract and hire great talent. Register today!