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Performance Managment Software
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PeopleFluent Performance Management Software

PeopleFluent Performance Management Software allows you to align your workforce to corporate objectives, evaluate individual performance and measure organizational results. With PeopleFluent employee Performance Management Software, you can improve business results, develop employees and retain key staff by aligning, establishing and measuring employee performance on a continuous basis. This complete performance management system provides easy-to-use yet highly effective tools such as goal management, performance appraisals, competency and skill assessment, talent profiles, development activities, mobile performance management, reporting and analytics, and multi-rater / 360 review functionality.

performance management

Appraisal Management

Ongoing feedback is essential for employees to understand how they are performing, how they contribute to corporate goals and next steps for career development. The PeopleFluent Performance Management System automates all components of the traditional appraisal including employee performance, competency and goal ratings. When applicable, development actions may be associated and supporting content included. A single calculated performance score may be derived automatically from weighted individual ratings.

Performance appraisal screens, including rating scales and areas to contribute qualitative narrative, are configurable to match the design of an organization’s employee performance management process. Configurability lets you choose how the form is delivered to managers and employees and what appears on the form, including qualitative feedback, performance rating scales, competencies, goals or other elements that define this plan.

  • Competencies and skills are foundational building blocks of integrated talent management. PeopleFluent includes a sample competency library as part of the performance management software's core offering, as well as the flexibility to add client-specific competencies into the solution.
  • All steps in the performance process are industry –specific and role sensitive with role-based behavior configurable by the client to insure the managers’ and employees’ time is focused on exactly what they need to do.
  • If applicable, each individual rating for competencies, goals or other measures may be weighted and calculated as configured by you to provide a calculated performance score recommendation that takes into effect and balances all dimensions of performance management to assign the final rating.

performance management

Goal Management

Create a connection to link individual goals to organizational and company-wide objectives. Use a shared goal library to enforce consistency in how goals are created. Design a real-time feedback process in which managers capture performance information about accomplishments and challenges every day. Through proactive goal management, you can recognize and record accomplishments and identify performance issues that may require attention. 

PeopleFluent Performance Management System goal setting and alignment lets organizations align corporate goals that are priorities of the business to individuals, teams, divisions or organization goals. Goal processes may be set up as part of an overall performance appraisal process or independently.

  • Alignment capabilities allow for the option of either letting employees self-align to higher-level goals, or letting organizations cascade and mandate goals, if preferred.
  • Goal results and progress are tracked over time to show progress toward completion.
  • For goals that tie directly to compensation, PeopleFluent Performance Management System allows for a fully integrated connection to use performance ratings, goal results, and other talent measures or outcomes to appropriately inform and influence associated salary and incentive payouts.
  • For organizations that require additional reinforcement of objective criteria or want to simply assist planning managers, PeopleFluent offers goal library capability that lets managers and employees select goals and associated descriptions from a client-defined goal library.

performance management

360 / Multi-rater Feedback

Create a multi-dimensional view of employee performance. Gather feedback beyond a direct manager, including team members, peers, and indirect managers in the performance review process to receive valuable insights into how an individual is perceived, their overall strengths, and potential areas for improvement.

All elements of the performance management form used for an appraisal may be repurposed for either multi-rater, 360⁰, or ad-hoc assessment at any time during the year. Alternatively, new assessment forms, measures and rating scales may be configured uniquely for these purposes.

  • Performance teams can configure and run a multi-rater process for a particular group of people or for an individual and do so during a specified timeframe.
  • The solution provides assistance for employees to select and nominate reviewers. A workflow communicates the status to the nominated person, the HR team and senior management, as appropriate
  • When completed, assessment results – including both ratings and qualitative scores – may be aggregated into a consolidated view for review by the employee, his or her manager and HR.

performance management

Talent Profiles

Collect important details about your workforce using talent profiles. Talent profiles are easily accessible based on access rights and can help guide strategic talent planning. Internal mobility and growth within an organization keeps workers engaged.

The Talent Profile serves as the talent management hub, capturing historical performance management data for easy reference by employees, their current and future managers and HR. You can search for specific skills and competencies within talent profiles and reduce the risk of overlooking your best people when filling an open position.

performance management

Performance Management Analytics

View your performance management related information using interactive, drill-down reporting and analytics. Review key information in reporting formats that help frame information in formats that different audiences can easily understand, including supervisors who can use the information to make decisions about their teams. Calibration capability arranges information along an X/Y axis for additional analysis. Reports are modifiable including “field chooser” capability that allows inclusion or exclusion of select data as needed. All reports are tied to the solution’s security model showing individuals only what they are permitted to see by role.

Outcomes Measured through Visual Reporting and Analytics
PeopleFluent has a full set of reporting options (including Decision Views, SmartGrid, and SmartChart technologies) that provide easy-to-access and easy-to understand reports that are accessible by managers.

Continuous Performance Management – Journal and Recognition Board
For everyday performance assessment, coaching, and recognition, PeopleFluent offers a journal and recognition board solution that provides a continuous dialogue of performance for employee and manager. In addition, employees may recognize their peers through this capability, or record their own day-today accomplishments.

Calibration Grids ("9-Box")
Data from multi-rater or other performance processes may be assembled in calibration grids, which provide much more flexibility than standard “9-box” grids that measure only performance and potential. PeopleFluent Performance Management System provides multiple analytic and calibration tools to help managers best assess your talent.

Career Development Actions
Career Development actions track completion of proposed actions designed to support employees’ career aspirations, improve current performance in a selected area, or attain new skills for a planned future role.

Performance Statements
A print-ready performance statement is automatically generated for the employee and is accessible as part of performance history, including through the employee’s Talent Profile.