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Compensation Management


Actionable Insight into Any Compensation Decision

PeopleFluent Compensation

Visualize compensation in real-time with collaborative coaching, video training, insightful analytics, and key touch points in the planning process. Simplify compensation management from HR to managers.


Flexible Configuration

Create and manage flexible compensation plans, budgets, and rewards. Easy-to-use configuration steps guide users through preset rules to stay compliant while adhering to company policies. Enable compensation to be easily managed by compensation professionals.

Flexible Configuration

Continuous Rewards & Planning

Automate and provide visibility while managing a wide range of compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments, and other discretionary pay components. Provide support for total compensation to retain your best talent.

Continous Compensation 2

Manage Globally

Plan in local currencies and roll up to provide a single global view with PeopleFluent Compensation software. Employees are rewarded based on local practices and policies to retain and motivate your high performers globally. Adapt rapidly to geographic and corporate compensation practices.

Global Compensation

Real-Time Reporting & Analysis

Compensation reward decisions can be made quickly using “active” data and embedded analytics. Reporting becomes in-the-moment and woven into the compensation management process. Gain insight into how compensation is being deployed in your organization.

Real Time Actionable Decisions

​Compensation Management Case Studies

Hertz Customer Success Story

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Scotiabank Streamlines Compensation Processes with PeopleFluent

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Streamline Rewards for Strategic Business Impact


Complete Compensation

Develop and implement complete compensation strategies and plans that provide manager and employees with information in summary and detail through comprehensive reward statements. PeopleFluent is a total compensation management solution that is able to not just plan, but actually manage and execute compensation processes from HR to managers.


Support Any Compensation Philosophy

Compensation your way. Streamline compensation planning with flexible workflows that show budgeting, payments, personal statements, and reporting. All the critical steps needed to ensure compliance and equity to retain top performers. PeopleFluent’s award winning Compensation Software provides the simplest approach to supporting any compensation approach your organization takes.

Real Time Actionable Decisions

Real-Time Actionable Decisions

Multi-faceted business problems are solved with multi-dimensional views of compensation data through powerful analytics. Embedded in the fabric of PeopleFluent Compensation software are reports and analytic tools that provide immediate insight. Without direct visibility to compensation, organizations lack the knowledge to adjust and act on changes required in the organization.

Pay for Performance

Facilitate Pay for Performance Principles

Combine real-time performance with compensation data and metrics to ensure accurate rewards and allocations. Budgeting based on performance metrics is streamlined with clear visibility into performance and compensation components. Without a complete compensation management application, pay for performance is not possible and introduces the risk of not retaining your best talent.


Alert, Coach, & Communicate

Video coaching helps guide smart reward decisions, while alerts support corporate guidelines. Communication of total compensation is made easier and transparent to retain great talent. PeopleFluent is the only compensation software provider with embedded video and collaboration, streamlining your compensation communication and increasing the overall impact of your compensation methodologies.

Compensation Mirror

Engage with the PeopleFluent Mirror™ Suite

Compensation plays a vital role in attracting and engaging employees. As part of PeopleFluent’s Talent Management suite, PeopleFluent Compensation mitigates risk and promotes a culture of diversity and compliance by ensuring fair, equitable pay for the same work performed. Only PeopleFluent has a complete compensation solution that supports any process, and with the Mirror platform you can use the latest methods to collaborate and engage with your talent.

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