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Today your talent acquisition team needs an unfair advantage. Welcome to today.

Experience the PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror™

  • Recruiter Experience

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  • Candidate Experience

Video Questionnaires Help "Show" the Job Seeker

Video questionnaires let job seekers “show” themselves to your organization. In earlier stages of the screening process, give talented job seekers the engaging platform they need to share ideas and demonstrate how they’ll be a great part of your team.

User-Specific Talent Pools Amplify Sourcing

Recruiters can tag candidates with relevant key words and create user-specific talent pools for faster sourcing. Tagging combined with intelligent candidate search and filtering make it faster and easier for recruiters and hiring managers to review new candidates.

Engaging Candidate Experience with Video and Mobile

The Recruiting Mirror lets you easily create and distribute vibrant employment branding and job-description videos, all of which are more powerful in portraying your corporate culture than flat text descriptions on career sites. Plus, mobile-optimized ensures your career site content can be accessed easily and clearly from any mobile device.


Social Onboarding Empowers Collaborative Communication

Social onboarding welcomes new employees to your company and culture. Video tutorials can commence immediately after job acceptance, and guided workflows help expedite and confirm completion all of required forms.


“Our partnership with PeopleFluent has enabled us to better attract a multigenerational, diverse and high-performing workforce, and we look forward to finding even more of the very best team members to support our customers.”

– Manager, Talent Acquisition,
Advance Auto Parts

“Fitness First is averaging a time-to-hire of 15 days, and in some months it is as few as 12 days. This achievement has surpassed all our expectations. Improving time-to-hire enables us to hire great candidates before they take a position with another employer.”

– Director, HR,
Fitness First

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