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Recruiting Software

Informed Decision making for Enterprise-Wide Recruiting

PeopleFluent Recruiting Software offers the broadest suite of talent acquisition solutions for global enterprise companies and is the only talent management software that allows organizations to make informed hiring decisions across their entire workforce. By fostering collaboration between business managers and recruiters, PeopleFluent empowers your hiring team to find, attract, and hire the best candidates, whether they are high volume, hourly, salaried, contract or contingent labor.

The portfolio continues to extend its pioneering work in social recruiting to ensure that important capabilities like search engine optimization, integrations with LinkedIn, and “digital management” of your brand ensures that your organization reaches talented people first.

High Volume Recruiting Software: Increased Talent Acquisition with Decreased Required Resources

PeopleFluent’s compelling continuous sourcing capabilities make the recruiting software portfolio particularly compelling in environments where a high volume of candidates must be managed efficiently, compliantly and at pace with the business to ensure business success. This is especially the case for companies that support distributed labor, such as retail sites, call centers, distribution centers or manufacturing locations. PeopleFluent’s High Volume solution helps these organizations find the right talent quickly, economically, and effectively for consistent execution at all points of the enterprise and for a differentiated customer experience. It facilitates making better hiring decisions at distributed points in the organization, such as at the store-level. PeopleFluent’s high-volume recruiting software also helps organizations align corporate objectives with field-level execution to increase capacity for future and cyclical growth initiatives.

Salaried and Hourly Hiring: Identify and Develop Top Talent for Maximum Business Impact

PeopleFluent’s salaried and hourly recruitment tools streamline the work of recruiters and hiring managers by simplifying, automating, and tracking the entire hiring process. From candidate identification and pre-screening through qualification, selection and results measurement, PeopleFluent helps managers and HR professionals identify, hire, and nurture candidates to ensure their success as employees, and simultaneously provide a strong leadership pipeline within their organization. It helps organizations to recognize the bench strengths behind potential employees and corresponding roles before, during, and after the recruitment process runs its course. The end result: the ability to identify candidates who are highly likely to be successful employees, and the organizational ability to prepare in advance for critical openings.

Contingent Labor: Comprehensive End-to-End Contingent Workforce Management Solution

PeopleFluent’s Vendor Management System (VMS) helps organizations effectively and efficiently manage their temporary, consultative, and professional services workforce by improving operational efficiencies, cost controls, compliance, and invoice controls for staff augmentation and professional services spend. PeopleFluent VMS provides a single solution for contingent workforce management as well as the wide variety of service categories such as SOW projects, independent contractors, and indirect services. Business Intelligence & Analytics tools provide deep visibility into each of these scenarios, whether vendor or project-based, to monitor budgets and to accurately report the current status of each project.

Additional Recruiting Software Features

Analytics and Reporting

PeopleFluent’s recruiting software allows organizations to report on key recruiting metrics, enabling the analysis and improvement of the hiring process. PeopleFluent offers a multitude of standard report templates in addition to the ability to create ad hoc reports using the Business Intelligence platform.

Apply with LinkedIn and Profile Preview

Integration between PeopleFluent Recruiting Software and LinkedIn solutions delivers significant benefits for HR professionals, recruiters and applicants to improve the quality of hire, reduce process times and engage top talent. 

  • Profile Preview delivers cross-system awareness between PeopleFluent Recruiting and LinkedIn Recruiter to provide full transparency across both solutions to ensure top talent never goes unnoticed. With this integration, recruiting professionals have direct access to the LinkedIn Member Profile for an applicant while in PeopleFluent Recruiting. Recruiters are also given direct access to the PeopleFluent candidate record from the Member’s profile while in LinkedIn Recruiter. Cross-system awareness eliminates the need for HR professionals to switch between systems and gives them deeper insights into the most up to date status of talent. 
  • Apply with LinkedIn enables candidates to efficiently apply for positions by leveraging the Member profile rather than filling out multi-page application forms over and over. Streamlining the application process and delivering an engaging interaction with top talent sets an organization up for a successful recruiting outcome. The robust professional information in a Member profile makes it an excellent resource to leverage for job applications. Apply with LinkedIn keeps the application process simple by enabling candidates to apply for a job in two clicks. 

Job Requirements and Services Procurement

Apply accepted best practices to the process of sourcing, procuring, and managing individual workers or large projects. Through requirement creation and sourcing, PeopleFluent's contingent workforce management solution encourages active oversight of the procurement process with invoice and payment controls.

Language and Localization

PeopleFluent's online recruitment solution provides a single solution that allows for workflows to be created and managed that are unique to each country. PeopleFluent supports the requirements for these workflows that include language, currency, data privacy requirements, employment questions, rate calculations, tax requirements, timesheet data capture and rules. PeopleFluent recruiting software provides the ability to manage currency conversion that allows for multi-currency reporting, where data can be presented in both the local currency and rolled up to the defined base currency for an organization. Distributed enterprises can employ standardized processes, while supporting location-specific variations.

Mobile Capabilities

The PeopleFluent Recruitment portfolio allows managers to immediately react to an important stage in the hiring workflow on devices such as tablets or smartphones, while maintaining stringent enterprise software security methods and requirements. In addition, Career Sites powered by PeopleFluent are optimized for candidate usage, including the ability to search for and apply for a job using these same devices.

Role-Based Collaboration

PeopleFluent Recruiting Software enables critical players in the talent acquisition process to collaborate through the hiring process. This includes recruiters, hiring managers, staffing agencies, interviewers, executives, job seekers, sourcing and staffing vendors, and candidates.

Search Engine Optimized Recruiting

Within PeopleFluent’s Recruitment portfolio, job postings are created with formatting and other elements that deliver the best results in Google and other search engines. As client career sitemaps are created, the unique client index structure is configured to be visible to search engine robots in a way that moves client job postings to the top of search rankings.

Single, Easy to Use Solution for Professional, Hourly and Contingent Talent

Seamless enterprise reporting across your organization is available through a common interface. Not only is it easy for corporate staffing to use and support, but field users will appreciate it as well. Field managers use a simplified interface that requires very little training so that they can focus their efforts on finding qualified candidates.

To learn more about how our Recruiting software can benefit your business, please contact us today.