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New Rules for Recruiting and HR – How Content Marketing and Video are Transforming Talent Acquisition

By Frank Moreno

talent acquisition strategiesOver the past year, the concept of HR embracing and adopting marketing techniques and strategies exploded on the scene. And for good reason. 

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From Instincts to Data: Using Total Talent Solutions to Recruit Top Talent

By Frank Moreno 

leading talent management solutionWith the growing competition for talent it’s time to be relying on more than just instincts! Making recruiting decisions based on guts alone is now a thing of the past. Having reliable data to base your sourcing, screening and hiring decisions is becoming more valuable.

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Unify Your Total Workforce

By Cindy Lynes

total workforce management tipsThe workplace is complicated. Gone are the days of “one size fits all” when it comes to how we recruit, source and hire our talent. Both active candidates and potential prospects require a variety of communication, engagement, and recruitment strategies.

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Top 6 Talent Management Actions for 2015 – Event Preview

By Trish McFarlane

talent management tipsOn Dec. 17, I have the pleasure of participating in a webinar with the great team at PeopleFluent. Our topic: Get Ready for 2015: The Top 6 Talent Management Actions You Need to Take. It’s that time of year when we all focus on starting with a clean slate. 

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Be an #HRActionHero

By Murray Simpson, Ph.D

workforce compliance conferenceThis is the intro of a new blog series #HRActionHero. Please subscribe to our blog to follow valuable insights, takeaway content and post-conference discussions. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #HRActionHero. 

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