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Social Collaboration

PeopleFluent gives organizations an environment where the entire HR lifecycle can be addressed collaboratively and socially, enabling speed and efficiencies that attract top-notch candidates and maintain a skilled and engaged workforce.  By providing this environment, employees can engage to share expertise, ideas and information in a robust and secure online experience. The result is a social on-line experience that removes knowledge silos that act as roadblocks to employee and corporate performance. 

Enterprise Communication

Effective enterprise communication is a dynamic, interactive process that is most effective when companies can broadcast key messages while at the same time listening to the sentiment of diverse voices within the organization to monitor the pulse of company.  When employee communications are managed in a secure, real-time environment and able to support new media such as videos, blogs and wikis, traditional silos of information previously isolated are removed in favor of knowledge sharing and employee alignment.  Features that empower this sharing include the following:

  • Social Dashboards: PeopleFluent’s Social Dashboard is an employee’s personal homepage linking to all the information they may need and includes configurable components and widgets designed to let each user create the experience that is right for them.  Dashboards aggregate conversations into a stream that is informative, responsive and actionable.
social collaboration
  • Visible Activity Streams. Real time activity streams enable cross functional visibility into conversations, projects and company initiatives that for positive impact on employees’ work. These conversations can be aggregated into a stream that is informative, responsive and actionable. Employees can see updates on their internal and external social networks, ongoing conversations, topics of interest, member workspaces, watched pages, external news and information feeds.
  • Content Creation & Integration:  Web based content creation tools let teams collaborate to create pages that are available for everyone’s benefit. With wiki pages, online spreadsheets and blogs, your valuable information is always updated and no longer locked away inside individual email inboxes.  Content can be easily imported and edited.  Widgets integrate to content sources for views into dynamic content.  Historical information is never lost and is always accessible through revision history.  Integrations exist to connect to  Microsoft’s Sharepoint portal and Salesforce.com, and APIs make it easy to connect to other information sources to access information for communication to employees who can use it every day to make informed business decisions within the enterprise.

Real-time Collaboration

Collaboration drives results.  Real-time activity streams provide cross-functional team visibility into conversations, projects and company initiatives that impact employees’ work every day.  Virtual teams can work together as effectively as if they were co-located because the information and colleagues they need are always available.     

  • Eliminate Information Silos:  Employees across the enterprise can now have access to relevant information from systems they either never had access to or had difficulty using, helping them make better decisions when managing projects, pursuing new opportunities or serving customers.
  • Manage Public and Private Groups:  Find the right person for the right project.  Profile pages enable people to learn about their peers, their contact information and skills, the content they create, the groups they belong to and more. Groups (both public and private) let members organize around a common interest or theme and work together in a secure community.  With a robust view into people across business units and within your organization, the experts in various subjects can be easily discovered and effectively tapped.
social collaboration
  • Enable Workspaces: Let teams collaborate within public or private group workspaces. Functional teams can access a secure environment that greatly reduces time spent giving updates and enables visibility within a single group dashboard. As each person updates their work, activity feeds automatically alert other team members to changes. The result is increased performance, impact, and innovation.

Employee Engagement and Support

Tighter team bonds not only make for a better work environment, they can increase employee engagement, stimulate new ideas, reduce support and training costs and increase efficiencies across the enterprise. PeopleFluent makes it easy to understand chemistry, similarities, and areas of interest so that employees can identify and select the best new professional connections to make. Getting to better know your workforce can foster collaboration, engagement and rapport, improving your company's offerings and bottom line.

  • Mentorship: Mentorship fuels innovation, strengthens team ties and demonstrates a commitment to your staff that their personal career goals are tied to the success of the business.  However, finding those willing and most appropriate members can prove a challenge. Surface those candidates with ease and elegance, displaying connections, relationships and attributes in an easy to understand visual interface.

    social collaboration
  • Active Content Tracking: Track and report on usage trends (and display this information on the dashboard) illustrating user preferences as a measure of social sentiment and interest – providing a tangible way to measure engagement on a continuous basis.
  • Social Profiles: Employees can create a public social profile to complement their internal talent profile, one that displays selected information visible to their peers.  Social profiles enable employees to create social tags to help peers find like-minded professionals with similar talents.  Following capabilities allow employees to track individuals in their network and 360 keywords allow users elect priority attributes in key categories that create social graphs to connect employees with similar attributes.


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