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succession planning software
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Succession Planning Software

Identify, Engage, and Retain Top Talent for Maximum Business Impact

PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software helps business managers and their HR partners build a strong, sustainable leadership pipeline for their organization. It allows them to easily harness the bench strength behind critical roles, and build and maintain talent pools and succession slates to quickly fill those roles with high performing, high potential individuals.

Using PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software, companies can drive succession planning deeper into the organization and gain visibility into a broader talent pool of successors. They can also move the succession planning process beyond an annual exercise and use it to more effectively prepare for critical openings. Finally, it allows them to better align development activities with succession requirements.

Key Features

peoplefluent succession planning

Interactive Succession Planning Organizational Chart and Talent Profiles

View the readiness of potential successors for key positions directly from interactive organizational charts. Your managers can easily review individual workers to identify their slated positions and the current talent pool for their vacancy.

Your managers also have single click access to individuals’ Talent Profile, Goals and recent Evaluations.  They can see the availability and readiness of successors to key positions directly from their actionable organizational charts. These charts visually display the bench strength behind positions and identify the potential successors. Your managers can drill down to see the source of potential successors and their Talent Profiles.

succession organizational chart

Succession Slate Flexibility

PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software provides flexibility to manage the succession process by person, position or job pool.

  • Succession Slates by Person: For key succession roles, individual slates may be created and managed. Each of these slates provides the name of the candidate, access to his or her most up-to-date Talent Profile information and candidate readiness to take on the responsibilities of the position.
  • Succession Slates by Position: PeopleFluent Succession Software supports building talent pools by position as well as by person. Slating by position allows organizations the ability to have slates be available for open positions in which no incumbent executive currently holds the position or to accommodate more general slating actions.
  • Succession Slates by Job Pools: Job pool slating allows creation of broader job talent pools for critical positions that will benefit from identifying a pool of internal bench strength. Intentionally less formal than traditional succession slates, job talent pools let HR professionals build bench strength through talent pools that reach deeper into the organization to identify available sources of talent.

"Extended Enterprise" Succession

PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software optionally extends the succession planning process to talented professionals outside your organization, including the following.

  • Talented People Who Don’t Work for You Today. Successors and individuals of interest added to your talent slates need not be limited to people on your team today. Talented people from outside your organization who by background, skills and experience can be added to your slates even though they don’t work for you yet.
  • Talent from Your Contract / Contingent Network. PeopleFluent offers contract / contingent capabilities through our Vendor Management System (VMS). In some cases, these contractors, temporary today, may be an appropriate leader for the future and in a pool or on a slate.
extended enterprise succession

Succession Planning: Employee Engagement

Organizations deploying succession management capabilities as part of an overall talent management strategy know that employee preference, visibility and understanding of talent processes matter. Reflecting the preferences of talented employees means not only having them listed on the slate, but also engaged within the team and confident in the opportunity for career advancement and rewards. This engagement means that your organization remains retention-competitive relative to alternative opportunities presented to your best people outside your organization.

  • Talent Profile for an Unprecedented Window into Organizational Excellence. The Talent Profile serves as the “talent management” hub, capturing historical performance management data for easy reference by employees, their current and future managers and HR. In a succession and career management context, the profile balances the needs of the talent person and the employer.
  • Tools for Employees to Research Career Opportunities and Express Interest Within the Talent Profile, PeopleFluent includes three methods for employees to express their interest in a future role with your organization:

    • Find a Job Opening: Rather than visiting a Career Site, employees can immediately search for jobs directly from their Talent Profile and, if they find a job of interest, apply and track their submission.
    • Career Exploration: Employees can use career exploration features to consider different career paths that make sense along with the job requirements; skills and competencies; and experiences typically expected for a selected career path.
    • Visibility into Employee Career Aspirations: For motivated employees, a section of the Talent Profile includes the capability for employees to add highlights of the career (with your organization or elsewhere); career tags that are searchable by your team when searching for talent; and a career aspirations section where employees can specify short-term or long-term career interests.
Employee Engagement

Succession Reporting: Find a Talented Person, Understand the Impact

Succession data collected in PeopleFluent Talent Management creates an unprecedented rich portrait of the organization. The types of information included tell the story of the people-health of the business in a timely and scalable way that was simply not possible using traditional data collection methods. These insights are meaningful to the business. PeopleFluent’s Decision View, SmartGrid and SmartChart capabilities gives you ownership of this data not only to view the data included, but to interact with it to make discoveries, learn more about the team, and take action.

Additional Features

Succession Organizational Chart

Managers and HR professionals see the availability and readiness of successors to key positions directly from their actionable organizational charts. These charts visually display the bench strength behind positions and identify the potential successors. Managers can drill down to see the source of potential successors and their Talent Profiles.

Manager Friendly User Interface

PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software features are easy for business managers and HR professionals to learn and use. Dashboards and actionable organizational charts provide easy access to all relevant information.

Rapid Assist™ Training and Coaching

Business managers, employees, and other users have ready access to in-context training and Rapid Assist coaching videos on how to use the system, and guidance and coaching on important talent management practices. There is less need for classroom training and help desk support.

Enterprise Class Application

PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software is designed to provide the security, reliability and integration to ERP and other HR systems required of enterprise class applications. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model provides ongoing functional updates and reduces demand on internal IT resources.

Enterprise Class Application

Talent Profile

Managers and HR professionals can see all relevant information in a single place on any employee, including performance reviews, competencies, work history, career interests, language skills and compensation. This information is readily accessible and searchable as managers develop succession plans, perform talent assessments, and fill open positions. The talent profile can also include information provided by employees, such as their career aspirations and ability to relocate.

talent profile

Summary of Additional Key Features:

Key existing features within PeopleFluent Succession Planning Software that enable organizations in their succession management efforts include:

  • Job Profiling and Standardization
  • Talent Profile and Inventory Collection
  • Career and Development Planning
  • Individual Talent Assessment and Review
  • Talent Assessment Workflow and Confidential Plans
  • Multi-Rater Feedback
  • Calibration (“9-box”) Sessions
  • Developing Talent Pools
  • Succession Management
  • Bench Strength Validation and Calibration.

To learn more about how our Succession Planning software can benefit your business, please contact us today.