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talent management software
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Talent Management Software

PeopleFluent – A Market Leader in Integrated Talent Management Software

For most organizations, the intellectual capacity, creativity, and skills of talented people are the single biggest factor in executing the strategy of the business. Total workforce talent management considers all people on the team – salary, hourly, contingent – for community success. Management of the total workforce is a huge challenge regardless of your company's size or industry. Understanding, analyzing, and managing all dimensions of this challenge presents organizations with an opportunity. Transactional data is rapidly being transformed into more self-directed and predictive data designed for a deeper understanding of the workforce. In turn, this understanding is then used by members of that workforce to make decisions and run their organizations more effectively.

PeopleFluent's Talent Management Software Suite leads the market in three primary categories:

  1. Breadth of Solutions
  2. Depth of Functionality
  3. Unrivaled User Experiences that are highly engaging and deliver the latest innovations in Social, Mobile, and Analytic Technologies

These differentiators have propelled PeopleFluent's solutions into the leader category for several industry analyst firms and generated significant market momentum. Beyond industry recognition, the PeopleFluent value proposition and solution suite has driven record growth in new customer acquisition and acceleration of multi-product adoption in existing customers.

Our solutions have helped over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories successfully achieve their talent aspirations. Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent solutions as part of their talent management delivery strategy.

PeopleFluent Talent Management Software: Breadth of Solutions

Most competitive talent management software systems in the market today offer the traditional “pillars” of Talent management process administration (Recruiting, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Compensation Management, and Succession Planning).

Only PeopleFluent offers the above plus all of the following additional critical talent solutions:

Seven Attributes of the Best Talent Management Software Suite

As we at PeopleFluent look at the rapidly changing environment in which HR operates and critically evaluate the challenges to effectively engage each individual in the enterprise and drive ever increasing returns from corporate human capital investments, we believe that the best talent management software solutions must possess seven key attributes:

To learn more about how our Integrated Talent Management software can benefit your business, please contact us today.

  1. Comprehensive Talent Suite: Today's talent management solutions must optimize the entire talent management lifecycle – eliminating the process silos that have historically existed to enable the most effective processes for the identification, acquisition, development and deployment of human capital complimented by the incentive and planning capabilities necessary to ensure ongoing success.
  2. Solutions for the Total Workforce: You can't build a house with only 70% - 80% of the required materials. Similarly, organizations can't optimize their workforce by only considering a portion of their workforce. As the use of the contingent workforce continues to increase and become a significant part of current and future workforce planning and management strategies, the talent management software that organizations choose must consider the total blended workforce in scope (or otherwise ignore part of their workforce population).
  3. Consumable and Actionable Workforce Planning & Analytics: Analytics are a critical part of fact-based decision making. But when the outputs of these efforts are so complex that they cannot be interpreted by the individuals who make talent decisions every day (line managers), those efforts to produce the analytics are wasted. Successful talent management software must enable the information visualization necessary to gain true workforce insight in a way that is consumable by every decision maker within the enterprise without requiring a PhD in HR or Statistical Analysis.
  4. Enable Individual Engagement: The last generation of HR focused on engaging, communicating and supporting populations – Executives, Managers, Line of Business owners, employees, etc. This generation of HR must focus on the engagement of each individual in the enterprise. Individuals now define when, where and how they prefer to work, consume information, communicate with colleagues, and even define the employment relationship with the enterprise.
  5. Provide Confidence & Reduce Risk Exposure: In an environment of increasing regulation and more active government enforcement of labor policies, successful talent management software must deliver all of the opportunity for human capital optimization while constantly ensuring that companies don't expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Compliance & Diversity solutions to ensure you are meeting your objective and obligations are an important – and too often underserved – aspect of any complete talent management solution offering.
  6. Compete for Global Talent: Organizational workforces are becoming increasingly global: talented people live (and work) everywhere. But “everywhere” means that talent management software must consider localized needs, languages, cultures and workforce dynamics. The best talent management software solutions (and the organizations and partner networks supporting those solutions) are global.
  7. Mobile Workforce Accessible: As more workers conduct their day-to-day jobs (and lives) through mobile devices, mobile delivery for select use cases is not a nice-to-do but a must-do. As user preferences change toward mobility, great talent management software solutions will provide workforce choices based upon these preferences.