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Fluency in the Cloud

Fluency in the Cloud

PeopleFluent uses the power of the Cloud and virtualization for the most effective use of computing resources to offer our clients valuable solutions. Creating an organization that is fluent around its talent requires that people-information is in the hands of those who need it, when they need. To achieve this always-on, ever present reach, PeopleFluent delivers its technology solutions through the cloud to your users, wherever they may be.

Software as a Service

Our service is designed as an enterprise class Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. PeopleFluent solutions provide the scalability, security, and power required by large, complex organizations. Eliminating the initial implementation, maintenance, and upgrade burden associated with legacy on-premise software, PeopleFluent provides a service that delivers a high performance solution your team can rely on. New innovations and other features are provided through regular releases applied to your environment as part of the service creating new value without the disruption of an upgrade.

Configurable Self-Service Administration Experience

The PeopleFluent solution is highly configurable and includes self-service configuration to handle complex business requirements that once required customization. It provides the flexibility and power required by large, complex organizations without compromising on key values of deploying software as a service. No configurations are at risk during upgrades. PeopleFluent self-administration controls how the solution is used and records audits of where, how, and why important changes were made.

 “Web 3.0” Ready

PeopleFluent is investing in the power of the next phase of web’s evolution, referred to as “Web 3.0.” This evolution will lead to the evolution of applications and devices that allow for much more immersive experiences. With Web 3.0, software becomes less of a singular initiative and instead one where solutions work together in unison. Rather than static connections that piece together your IT ecosystem today, new technologies allow for the agile creation, combination and integration of technologies. PeopleFluent will continue to leverage new technologies to deliver on the promise of the right people information, in the right hands, when they need. 

Mobile Technology – iPad apps for Talent Management

PeopleFluent mobile applications connect organizations with talented people. As an extension of your integrated talent solution, these apps, which are written for the iPad, bring visual answers to strategic questions on Recruiting, Compensation, Employee Performance, and Leadership Development to the devices your leaders use to make decisions. Through these mobile experiences, your leadership team has actionable information and access wherever they go on the devices they use on that journey.