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Upcoming Events & Webcasts


PeopleFluent WISDOM 2015


Venue: Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Date: March 9-12, 2015

PeopleFluent is pleased to announce the WISDOM 2015 Global Conference. With general sessions presented by the industry’s foremost experts and thought leaders, focused HRCI Certified breakout sessions, and in-depth demonstrations and training on PeopleFluent’s game-changing technologies. WISDOM 2015 attendees will gain valuable and actionable insight into the future of HR Technology, workforce trends and industry best practices.

Best Practices – Learn how PeopleFluent will help you leverage best practices to drive operational efficiencies and create positive business outcomes

Maximizing Workforce Potential – Listen to customer testimonials and learn how to maximize human potential through PeopleFluent’s engaging and innovative products

Product Development – Get the latest information and roadmaps for the products you use today and PeopleFluent’s innovative solutions for tomorrow

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Evanta HR Leadership Summit Houston

Location: The Omni Hotel Westside

Redefining Leadership: Finding and Developing the Right Skills to Secure your Organization’s Future

Jeff Carr, CEO, PeopleFluent, Moderator

Are great leaders born or made? In today’s fast-paced business environment,it’s probably a little bit of both. What skills, traits, and natural abilities determine leadership potential and what are the best practices for identifying, measuring, and tracking them? Once identified and pooled,how do organizations continue to develop, engage, and retain these valuable employees? Join this session moderated by PeopleFluent CEO Jeff Carr, as CHRO’s discuss how today’s most successful business leaders have redefined leadership and the processes for identifying, developing, and retaining top talent to position their organizations for future growth. 

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Evanta HR Leadership Summit Atlanta

Location: The Westin Peachtree Plaza

Utilizing Predictive Analytics: The Key to Increasing Engagement and Driving Better Business Outcomes

Doug Ring, CTO, PeopleFluent, Moderator

With ever-expanding libraries of talent data, today’s organizations are faced with a unique challenge and an amazing opportunity. How can business leaders harness data from multiple sources across different functions to maximize the productivity of their talent and prepare for future challenges in a constantly changing global business environment? Organizations that utilize predictive analytics will be able to engage talentat an individual level and make better, more strategic talent decisions. Join this session moderated by Doug Ring, as CHRO’s discuss how business leaders can use predictive analytics at every level to drive engagement and produce better business outcomes. 

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Webcast: How to Deliver Agile Performance Management: A Dynamic Give and Take Relationship

Meghan Biro, CEO + Founder, TalentCulture

December 11, 3:00 pm Eastern

We’re thrilled to welcome Meghan Biro, CEO and Founder of TalentCulture, to present on the principles of agile performance management on our behalf for this HCI-produced live Webinar.

Agile performance management. It’s the only way to mobilize your talent toward projects that always reflect your organization’s most current priorities.

Meghan Biro will draw upon her extensive experience to discuss why performance management isn’t an annual check-in, but rather continuous goal-setting and progress review.

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Webcast: Get Ready for 2015: The Top 6 Talent Management Actions You Need to Take

Trish McFarlane, 
VP of HR Practice, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
December 17, 2:00 pm Eastern

We’re thrilled to welcome Trish McFarlane of Bersin of Brandon Hall Group to present Brandon’s research-based top 10 actionable talent acquisition trends.

Talent management has six critical mandates. Optimizing the technology and processes that support them can minimize what is perhaps a sharp contrast between the urgency of human capital issues and your readiness to respond to them. Building a plan to address these mandates now will pave your way to engage talent, operate talent management as a business function, and leverage technology more effectively in 2015.

Trish McFarlane will detail the six critical talent issues that will either derail business performance – or be the levers you master to reinvent your business and talent strategies to align with the demands and expectations of your business and your employees.  

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Webcast: Get Ready for 2015: The Top 10 Actionable Talent Acquisition Trends

Dr. Katherine Jones, Vice President, Human Capital Management Technology Research, Bersin by Deloitte
Robin Erickson, Ph.D., Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Bersin by Deloitte
December 18, 2:00 pm Eastern

We’re thrilled to welcome Katherine Jones, Ph.D., and Robin Erickson, Ph.D., of Bersin by Deloitte to share Bersin’s research-based top 10 actionable talent acquisition trends.

Talent acquisition is evolving rapidly. From social to mobile, along with talent communities and advancing technology, the function needs to be in lockstep with an ever-changing talent landscape to stay not only competitive, but also relevant in response to shifting business priorities and desired business outcomes.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Erickson will review practical applications of those trends, including how to prioritize your talent acquisition action plan for 2015 and how to become a candidate relationship – driven recruiter that has a ready talent pool when you need it.

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