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workforce planning software
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Workforce Planning Software

PeopleFluent's workforce planning software solutions shift the paradigm by offering true visual analytics capability in the Talent Management arena – you can now identify and execute your Social, Analytics, and Collaboration strategies.

From workforce planning to organizational charting and analytics, and data integrity, PeopleFluent has created powerful visualization capabilities within a data-intense technical environment. With highly graphical and flexible analytics and planning applications, PeopleFluent solutions deliver the ability to collaboratively model current and desired states of an organizational structure. PeopleFluent workforce planning software solutions  offered alone or in conjunction with the full PeopleFluent Talent Management suite — gives you a strategic differentiator in understanding and assessing the most critical and complex elements of your organizations. You can now make precise and informed decisions about your business to affect real-time, proactive and impactful change.

workforce analytics


Intelligent Organization Chart and Dynamic Workforce Reporting

Would your management team thrive if they were equipped to make more informed business decisions with searchable employee data delivered in the context of your management hierarchy?

Managers at all levels are tasked with making critical decisions impacting the health of the organization. From headcount, to diversity, to compensation, to succession, decision makers must be able to move swiftly and accurately. Today that state is possible with PeopleFluent OrgPublisher, a workforce visualization platform driving engagement and collaboration to streamline planning, improve data integrity and better manage metrics within one’s span of control.

Visit our product site to learn more about this next generation of automated organization charts.  

workforce analytics


It's all about anytime access to actionable analytics


Business leaders demand anytime access to workforce analytics that provide actionable information and insight — not just general, organization-wide analytics, but analytics that pertain to specific areas of your business. For instance, who cares if your attrition rate is 20% across the organization? What you really need to know is which specific departments or divisions are driving up that number. You need workforce planning software that enables you to drill down into specific areas of your business to find answers. That's what PeopleFluent InSight enables you to do. That's what makes it different from generic analytics solutions.



InSight’s hierarchy-driven analytics enable you to segment your data the way you need to, when you need to — not on someone else’s schedule. With other workforce planning software solutions, you’re limited to pre-determined analytic options and reports. InSight allows you to continuously track and evaluate the effectiveness of strategic workforce planning initiatives and decisions. With InSight you gain the ability to keep your business goals and workforce investments in complete alignment. And because every analytic is tied to the hierarchy of your organization, every leader in the company will have the insight they need to optimize the performance of their specific area of responsibility.

With InSight, leaders can quickly see workforce trends that are positively or negatively impacting specific areas of your business. Analyze by department, position, cost center, region — virtually any segment of your organization to answer questions like these:

  • What is the internal vs. external hire rate of director-level leaders?
  • What is the workforce growth rate in each region for the past year?
Hierarchy-Driven Workforce Planning


Hierarchy-Driven Workforce Planning and Analytics Software


InSight presents decisions-makers with critical workforce trends using hierarchy-based workforce performance metrics, detailed employee movement analysis and predictive analytics. With the power to visualize these trends and the business events that influence them, executives can understand the true impact of workforce investments to improve the overall profitability and performance of the organization. Some of the key features and benefits of our workforce planning software include:

  • Pre-configured, fast-to-implement, hosted software
  • Forecast key trends with predictive analytics
  • Analytics and trends viewable by span of control
  • Metrics shown in context of organization structure
  • Employee movement analysis by layer or position
  • Consulting services for custom workforce plans
Organizational Analytics On Demand


Analyze talent mobility in the Talent Pipeline


Forecasting talent gaps requires visibility on hires, promotions, transfers and exits for your employees. Visualize talent movement throughout every level of your enterprise with the unique Talent Pipeline feature. Monitor employee movement in specific groups such as role, department, span of control, etc. to see talent mobility for any given time span. Because the Talent Pipeline is powered by the same KPIs monitored by your Agents, you always have the most updated workforce data. Use that data to analyze and predict when and where a manager is likely to move up—so everyone in your company can stay productive.


Perform on-demand workforce planning


The delivery of the most up-to-date workforce data provides business executives with the unique ability to create ad-hoc workforce plans. InSight automatically refreshes workforce data on a daily basis and alerts you well before problems actually become problems—so you can make adjustments immediately rather than waiting for a monthly or quarterly report. No other analytics solution can deliver the critical information directly to decision makers in our innovative boardroom-ready dashboard view.


Social collaboration across the enterprise


When dashboards can't tell the whole story, managers and analysts can add comments to Agent reports to explain business situation details behind the metrics and then securely share them for an unprecedented level of cross-group collaboration. Is your Talent Retention unusually low in Sales? Ask the VP of Sales why in the Comments section of that specific Agent to start a conversation and keep management accountable for their goals. The unique ability to socialize InSight's metrics between other teams and business units not only helps you formulate an effective workforce strategy, it enables you to communicate that strategy throughout the organization for maximum efficiency.


Leverage our strategic workforce planning expertise


Not only do you get on-demand SaaS-delivered workforce analytics, but you also get access to a dedicated team of expert consultants that can help you develop a more strategic and actionable workforce plan. InSight as a Service™, PeopleFluent's in-house team of Certified Workforce Planning Professionals, are available to partner with you to establish goals and align key trends and analytics to your corporate strategy.


Improve workforce decisions. Improve your bottom line.


The difference between InSight and general analytics tools is obvious. It's all about the hierarchy. It's about moving from generic workforce analytics that tell you very little … to highly focused analytics that tell you a whole lot. It's about truly understanding which workforce investments are paying off, which business decisions are making a positive impact on the bottom line and those that are not. So at the end of the day, you really don't need analytics.You need InSight to drive optimal workforce performance. To learn more about how PeopleFluent’s Workforce Planning software can benefit your business, please contact us today.