Enterprise Workforce Planning & Org Charting Software

Now more than ever, enterprise companies are looking for greater visibility to their workforce - including gaps, overlaps, trends, and cost centers. Combined with successful performance management, succession planning, and compensation planning, workforce planning can mean the difference between a highly-efficient organization and one held back by inefficiencies they cannot see.

PeopleFluent OrgPublisher is a workforce visualization and modeling tool that enables people leaders to visualize their employee base, understand various what-if scenarios, and empower meaningful planning discussions. Get real-time insights you need to easily visualize your entire organization, uncover workforce gaps, and reduce inefficiencies - so you can make data-driven decisions that save your organization time and money.

Enterprise Workforce Planning & Org Charting Software

From payroll to job titles to benefits - OrgPublisher gives you real-time visualization and insights needed to make data-driven, informed workforce planning decisions.

Workforce Visualization and Modeling

Successful organizational planning strategies leverage technology to uncover costly overlaps and gaps while helping leaders at every level explore multiple scenarios and prepare for growth. See your whole workforce on one screen. Every office. Every department. Every team. Sorted and color coded the way you want, so you can get the data that’s most important to you.

  • Consolidate data from across departments, organizations, and divisions
  • View and sort key data including job titles, benefits, pay bands, reporting structure, and more
  • Make more informed workforce planning decisions - what-if planning and scenario modeling allows you to see how various decisions will change your organization - for better or for worse.
  • Present key charts and visualizations to stakeholders with multiple export files types such as PDF and PPT.
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Uncover Organizational Gaps

As large enterprises become more matrixed, M&A activity increases, and leaders look to improve cost efficiency, it becomes more difficult to give stakeholders the visibility necessary to tackle complex workforce planning decisions. OrgPublisher helps you rapidly identify where inefficiencies may exist within the current structure and headcount, with at-a-glance visibility into factors like management span of control, role duplications, relativities of staffing across different teams and areas of cost bloating.

tackle complex workforce planning

Get Real-Time, Actionable Analytics

Want to know where your skill gaps are? Click. Curious about your part-time staff? Click. Looking for viable succession candidates? Click. An enterprise is a living, changing thing. What you know today will change tomorrow. OrgPublisher lets you see your workforce in real time. Any way you want.

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Impact Performance + Succession Management

When combined with performance management, succession planning, and compensation management, workforce visualization with OrgPublisher can help you more quickly identify top talent and gaps in your talent development and total rewards plan.

Centralize your people data

Prepare for Acquisitions

Growth through M&A can add a lot of complexity to your workforce. Pull in org charts from various business units, consolidate data, and filter to quickly see any overlapping positions and/or salaries.

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Enable Meaningful Collaboration

It’s hard for people and departments to share knowledge and work together if they don’t know each other. The OrgPublisher tool gives you a visual directory, sorted any way you want, so you can see collaborative opportunities others can’t.

Centralize your people data

We are making more data-driven decisions, rather than decisions based on what somebody thinks.


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The OrgPublisher test drive site is pre-populated with data so you can see how chart configurations can assist you in workforce planning. You get an immersive experience that replicates the real-world experience.

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