See a more organized, productive workforce. Then build it.

An organizational chart can be more than something to look at. It can tell you things. See and understand your workforce in real time and living color.

People moving giant puzzle pieces into position

OrgPublisher from PeopleFluent isn’t your average org chart generator. It lets you see your whole enterprise from any angle. Through any lens. Get all the information you need to make plans, decisions, and adjustments.

Map your talent to inform your decisions

See your whole workforce on one screen. Every office. Every department. Every team. Sorted and color coded the way you want, so you can get the data that’s most important to you. Any time.

Mapping your talent

Strong connections, clear communication, more collaboration

It’s hard for people and departments to share knowledge and work together if they don’t know each other. The OrgPublisher tool gives you a visual directory, sorted any way you want. From your lofty perch, you can see collaborative opportunities others can’t.

collaboration dashboard

Click for real-time insights

Want to know where your skill gaps are? Click. Curious about your part-time staff? Click. Looking for viable succession candidates? Click. An enterprise is a living, changing thing. What you know today will change tomorrow. OrgPublisher lets you see your workforce in real time. Any way you want.

real time updates in dashboard

Centralize your people data

OrgPublisher pulls data from virtually any source you can think of. Payroll, benefits, performance. You name it. All of your workforce data in one place.

Centralize your people data

OrgPublisher has now become an integral part of our HR processes. At this point, it is almost inseparable. Our HR team members see OrgPublisher as their own management tool.

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Start your 30-day free trial

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of organizational planning? With OrgPublisher, you can see all your critical workforce data in easy-to-read org charts.

Join the more than 2,000 organizations that already use OrgPublisher to drive strategic talent decisions. Try OrgPublisher free for 30 days, and see how the easy-to-read dashboards can put workforce data to work for your organization.

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