About PeopleFluent

Your Technology Partner in Navigating the Modern Talent Journey.

PeopleFluent provides best-of-breed talent management software and learning solutions that help you realize the full value of your workforce. Deployed separately or as integrated solutions, our software spans talent management, performance, compensation, succession, learning, and org charting. With PeopleFluent solutions, you will be in a better position to build a more effective talent strategy and drive organizational success.

As a market leader in integrated talent management and learning solutions, PeopleFluent helps companies hire, develop, and advance a skilled and motivated workforce.

Develop People. Drive Performance. Deliver Results.

The workplace is rapidly changing driven by globalization and new technologies. As organizations adapt to the ongoing digital transformation of today’s knowledge economy, they need better ways to recruit, hire, develop, advance, and retain the best people. PeopleFluent understands that the most successful, innovative, and thriving organizations are those that invest in people and create a positive employee experience.

A part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), PeopleFluent provides world-class service and an unparalleled ecosystem of partners to optimize employee experience, employer brand, and business results.

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Why PeopleFluent

For any organization, and especially those in high-stakes industries, managing your talent is an important job. It’s tied directly to the success, competitiveness, and growth of your enterprise.

PeopleFluent is uniquely positioned to help employers close the gap between current and future workforce capabilities. Our solutions support recruitment, performance, compensation, succession, and learning, as well as org charting. These solutions work together or separately to connect the modern talent journey, which encompasses the collective employee experience, identifying the skills gaps, providing opportunities to learn, and defining paths for career growth.

PeopleFluent products are used by more than 25 million users and 1,500 clients in over 200 countries and territories, because we understand HR operations. PeopleFluent has a strong track record of supporting HR professionals. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

PeopleFluent has a strong track record of supporting HR operations in large organizations with complex workforce needs—especially in industries prone to digital disruption.

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