Compensation Management Providing Precision for Every Pay Decision

Get a comprehensive and precise approach to compensation management, ensuring that your entire total rewards ecosystem aligns with organizational goals and encourages pay equity. PeopleFluent Compensation management software gives you essential and configurable tools to centralize compensation planning so you can create secure and sound strategies that help you keep and reward your people while protecting the bottom line.

Comprehensive Compensation Management Software Providing:

Total Rewards Excellence

Easily manage the complexities of your entire compensation strategy, not just salaries. Our software allows you to design, model, and manage pay and reward programs so you can visualize the impact of plan changes on overall budget and business outcomes. Bring consistency, transparency, and fairness to your compensation programs across your entire enterprise: including bonuses, incentives, benefits and more.

  • Reward your staff and remain competitive with insightful, configurable compensation planning tools that provide operational agility.
  • Discover role-based visibility and plan realistic compensation scenarios for your total rewards program.
  • Total rewards don't stop after your annual bonus and/or merit processes. Configure workflows to meet different process needs for off-cycle scenarios.
  • Starting templates are provided at both the plan and reward cycle level following the latest best practices for salary, bonus, stock, and total compensation at the reward cycle level.
total rewards compensation management software


Your compensation philosophy and strategy is unique to your organization. You’ve invested time and effort to map out the salary planning processes that work best for your business. Don’t shortchange your strategy with tools that make you conform to inefficient rules.

PeopleFluent Compensation is configurable for even the most complex, matrixed enterprise organizations. It fits any compensation strategy and helps reduce administration time.

  • Get unlimited plan designs, measures, statements and worksheets, all customizable to fit your needs.
  • Advanced configurability supports complex compensation calculations, supported by multiple layers of scripting logic support and user defined fields at both the plan and reward cycle level.
  • Experience flexibility like never before with standard direct manager approval and a unique compensation process-specific planning hierarchy, all admin-definable to suit your organizational structure.

Insightful Analytics

PeopleFluent Compensation analytics help you take your rewards strategy beyond numbers and budgets to maximize ROI. Easily access insights that empower you to attract and keep top performers, build your employer brand, sharpen your competitive edge, and show your people they are truly valued.

  • Jumpstart your reporting with out-of-the box templates for numerous standard reports. Each includes sourcing from employee data, formulas, proration, etc.
  • Compensation statements range from best practice out-of-the-box templates to in-depth custom configurability, with in-house assistance if needed.
  • Streamline compensation planning with actionable insights such as compa-ratios, pay equity, and even gaps that may impact retention or succession.
Analytics Dashboard

Pay Equity

Using built-in analytics, proactively review your compensation data to detect—and remedy—potential pay disparities and mitigate risk, ultimately impacting your organization’s bottom line—and providing all employees with competitive and fair wages.

  • Quickly identify and address potential pay gaps across the organization.
  • Reduce risk by being able to respond quickly to audits and requests for compensation-related information.
Pay Equity Dashboard

Scenario Modeling

Compensation planning isn’t a guessing game. You have to think through all the outcomes, both long and short term. Before you execute your compensation and total rewards programs, see how it will affect your business in the short and long term. PeopleFluent Compensation helps you build strategic models based on multiple scenarios, and see the likely outcomes, so there are no surprises.

  • Analyze the impact of changing salary increase guidelines and/or budget percentages on budget and payroll.
  • Review new scenarios in a variety of views including budget groups, country, location, department and more.
  • Update goal attainment scores for incentives to see how they impact the overall payouts while factoring in rating modifications and proration triggers.
Scenario Modeling

More Compensation Planning Features:

Central & Secure

Compensation planning works best when kept central and secure. PeopleFluent’s Compensation Planning software lets you streamline global employee compensation programs in one safe place while eliminating manual spreadsheets and other workarounds.

Communicate with Clarity

Meaningful communication is at the heart of everything. Especially compensation. Pay and benefits have to be communicated properly and consistently. PeopleFluent Compensation Planning software gives you the tools to ensure effective communication.

Consultative Partnership

Our consultative approach is backed by deep domain experience to meet your requirements. Our in-house professionals have been in the industry for many years and have close working relationships with Support, Operations, and Engineering to ensure solutions are proven and issues are quickly addressed.

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