Compensation planning software to design, model, and manage pay and reward programs.

Reward your staff and remain competitive with insightful, configurable compensation planning tools that provide operational agility. Discover role-based visibility and plan realistic compensation scenarios for your total rewards program.

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PeopleFluent Compensation Planning is a best-of-breed solution that takes your strategy beyond numbers and budgets. It gives you a specialized set of tools that can be configured to your unique compensation strategy.

Manage your compensation planning the way you want

Your compensation philosophy and strategy is unique to your organization. You’ve invested time and effort to map out the salary planning processes that work best for your business. Don’t shortchange your strategy with tools that make you conform to inefficient rules.

PeopleFluent Compensation Planning is configurable. It fits any compensation strategy no matter the complexity, and helps reduce administration time. Integrated with your HCM, PeopleFluent extends the value of your tech investment and ensures optimized rewards for your employees

Managed in one place. Executed perfectly. It’s automatic.

Compensation planning is a touchy subject. Best to keep it central and secure. PeopleFluent’s Compensation Planning software lets you automate and manage your employee compensation programs in one safe place. So you can streamline your modeling, budgeting, and approvals.

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Create the complete compensation package

If compensation strategies were simply about paychecks, they would be easy. But there are bonuses, incentives, and benefits that comprise total rewards. These elements increase the complexity of your strategy and may mean that different roles have different rules, which tend to change year-to-year or quarter-to-quarter.

PeopleFluent helps you get your arms around these complexities. So you can deliver and communicate rewards with fairness and transparency.

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More Capabilities

Plan for every possibility. Execute with confidence.

You know compensation planning isn’t a guessing game. You have to think through all the outcomes. Long and short term. PeopleFluent Compensation Planning software helps you build strategic models and think through different scenarios.

Your business. Your rewards program. The perfect fit.

Your organization is different. To do compensation planning right, you have to pull a lot of levers. PeopleFluent doesn’t put any limits on those levers. You get unlimited plan designs, measures, statements and worksheets, all customizable to fit your needs.

Meaningful discussions create compensation clarity.

Communication is at the heart of everything. Especially compensation. Pay and benefits have to be communicated properly and consistently. PeopleFluent Compensation Planning software gives you the tools to ensure effective communication.

We needed a product that was very intuitive, could be expanded rapidly and be multi-lingual. We found PeopleFluent was robust enough to be able to handle the ten-thousand plus employees that we have now in the system.

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Large enterprise: Comprehensive reports

Large, complex compensation programs have to be executed properly to be effective. PeopleFluent’s Compensation Planning software lets you keep tabs on your programs by generating reports based on the metrics that are important to you.

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Mid-enterprise: Role-based visibility and insights

When you need real, actionable information, charts and graphs aren’t enough. PeopleFluent lets you tailor your reports with real-time data modeling and visualization tools. So you have performance and compensation insights at your fingertips.

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