Why PeopleFluent?

Your Technology Partner in Navigating the Modern Talent Journey. At PeopleFluent, we believe in providing comprehensive, sophisticated, and highly-configurable products and services to the mid-to-large enterprise market for customers that require more sophisticated or complex capabilities beyond their current systems.

Our products enable organizations to create a highly-engaged, high-performing workforce and accomplish their strategic objectives through highly customizable and feature-rich functionality.

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PeopleFluent is leading the modern talent journey with technology that inspires a harmonious and motivated workplace.

We aim to promote the curiosity and creativity of your workforce

PeopleFluent helps employers and employees come together to recognize and develop talent that inspires businesses to thrive. We know that the talent journey is no longer linear. We know that employees want more ownership of their careers.

We know that employers want a more comprehensive and efficient experience for their employees and their operations. We believe the right technology paired with the right processes can promote curiosity, creativity, innovation, and happiness at work.

We commit to serving you every day

The modern talent journey doesn’t have a stop and start, a punch-in-punch-out mentality, or any “one-way” streets for that matter. It includes everything from hiring and onboarding to career changes. For employers, it also encompasses decisions about compensation, succession, and organizational planning. PeopleFluent provides a functionally complete platform that delivers a 365-day experience serving all aspects of the modern talent journey while improving the relationship between the employee and employer.

We’re with you every step of the way

No matter where you’re starting from as a business, no matter the size of your organization or the scope of your workforce initiatives, we have stories to share with you that cross industry, region, and scale. It's through these stories that we have designed the modern talent journey and why we take special care when developing, acquiring, and even sunsetting technologies to support the best experience for the business and its people. Here are some of the ways we help at each step of the way: learning & development, succession planning, org charting, compensation, and performance management.

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We have a family that we want to share with you

The modern talent journey encompasses every new beginning and transition, every setback and success, and all of the twists and turns in between. And all of these pieces require employer responses, reactions, and scenario planning. While we try to stay ahead of shifts in the workplace, no one can do it alone and we’re fortunate not to have to.

Through the Learning Technologies Group family of companies, PeopleFluent can provide you with unparalleled depth in learning content and technologies, contingent workforce management, diversity and inclusion, and many other experts. We welcome you to join this family and look forward to working with you to overcome obstacles, navigate unexpected turns, and reach new milestones.

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PeopleFluent's longevity in the space, combined with a proven track record for innovation, empowers the company to play a strong consultative role within the industry.

We look forward to honest and innovative conversations

Let your HR and L&D teams rely on us for honest and collaborative conversations, service and support. Every organization and each employee has its own approach to talent and the talent journey. We tailor our consultation, solutions and deployment to your needs—whether that means a preconfigured solution that reflects industry best practices or a unique configuration specific to your organization. In every case, we will deliver a seamless implementation, expert user training, and draw from our experience supporting thousands of clients to chart their modern talent journey.

We believe in partnership

We know how important it is to trust your providers. PeopleFluent partners with other companies to build a global ecosystem of providers that deliver superior service and drive exceptional business results. Together with our partners, we serve thousands of enterprise global clients—powering and optimizing their talent and learning strategies.

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