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Now more than ever, mid-to-large enterprises need to evolve how they manage their workforce to remain competitive and compliant in the talent market. PeopleFluent Talent Management is a robust suite of configurable performance management, succession planning, and employee development tools that enable HR leaders in highly-regulated industries to manage the entire talent journey. With industry-leading modeling, unified talent profiles, and actionable analytics, you’ll be able to easily measure performance, build career paths, and align employees to organizational goals.

The most powerful thing to me has been the flexibility that the PeopleFluent system has brought to us. I drive the process, not the system.

- Director of Talent and Faculty Affairs, Medical College of Wisconsin

Talent Management Software Providing:

Unified Talent Profiles

You might have a superstar on staff, a born leader, an innovative thinker, and not even know it. With PeopleFluent’s powerful talent profiles, you can pinpoint the skills you need for important roles and the people who can fill them.

Talent profiles seamlessly give you a comprehensive view of an employee by centralizing details such as their job, job history, goals, competencies, skills, salary awards, career ambitions or any other external data you want to integrate in. PeopleFluent Talent Management provides easy access to this foundational building block so you can capture and ensure you have a complete understanding of your organization’s talent.

High Configurability

At PeopleFluent, our products are designed with sophisticated enterprises in mind. From custom workflows to intuitive scenario modeling to in-depth permissioning, get the flexibility you need to manage every aspect of your talent management strategy without being forced into a one-size-fits-all system. Designed with HR and highly-regulated industries in mind, you can build programs, workflows, and evaluations around your existing processes and culture.

Insightful & Actionable Analytics

Get greater insight into the success of your business by understanding the individual successes (or gaps) of your employees in real-time. Measure the effectiveness of your talent development programs by empowering your leaders with a clear picture of employee performance across departments and tenures. PeopleFluent Talent Management also helps boost retention using risk analysis and predictive analytics that will tell you what top talent is a flight risk and understand your succession pipeline.

  • Create custom reports and visualization: see the results of your talent development program through visual reporting, detailed or at-a-glance.
  • Schedule recurring reports to run automatically at chosen intervals.
  • Leverage insights to make informed adjustments and continuous improvements to optimize your performance and succession programs.
  • Extend the impact of your analytics by integrating with compensation, learning, and other HR systems for a holistic view of talent management.

Complex & Configurable Performance Management

Measure performance, build meaningful career paths, and align employees to organizational goals with a holistic and customizable approach to performance management. Drive engagement and retention with the ability to track business targets to outcome-based goals, objective and key results, or a balanced scorecard for a more impactful and productive performance management strategy. From workflows and measurement to 1:1s and reviews, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage complex processes all in one place and break free of one-and-done reviews.

Predictive Succession and Development

When the world is constantly changing, continuity is critical. Succession planning software from PeopleFluent helps you get there. Guide your teams into the future while mitigating risk with flexible and functional tools to identify high-potential talent while building your bench strength and driving your recruitment strategy. Make data-driven decisions using gap and trend analysis, scenario modeling, and predictive analytics to transform your organization and develop the next generation of leaders.

Healthcare Competency Management

In healthcare, skills management is essential to successful clinical outcomes - and successful regulatory audits. Documenting and securely storing skills assessments for thousands of clinical staff members can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. PeopleFluent offers an efficient and secure solution to guide objective skill evaluations so you can improve efficiency, visualize skills, ensure compliance, and redeploy resources (and finally say goodbye to those paper binders!)

More Talent Management Features:

Communicate with Clarity

Meaningful communication is at the heart of everything. Especially talent management. Performance conversations and succession plans have to be communicated properly and consistently. PeopleFluent Talent Management software gives you the tools to ensure effective communication.

Strategic Skills Management

PeopleFluent Skills Management helps you run your business efficiently while maintaining compliance and engaging your employees to the fullest. Get better visibility to your talent’s skills, and use those insights to redeploy critical resources toward customer facing work.

Consultative Partnership

Our consultative approach is backed by deep domain experience to meet your requirements. Our in-house professionals have been in the industry for many years and have close working relationships with Support, Operations, and Engineering to ensure solutions are proven and issues are quickly addressed.

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