Uncover Talent Trends with Actionable Talent Analytics

Reveal insights in your talent data ecosystem that help your organization understand, develop, and retain your top talent.

Uncover Performance Insights Across Your Organization

When your employees succeed, so does the business. Generate better talent insights with analytics to make sense of the metrics that matter: your employees’ performance.

  • Get a clear picture of employee performance across departments and tenures.
  • Assess your top performers to inform better recruiting practices for top talent.
  • Easily see which managers are responsible for developing your top performers.
  • Spot performance issues quickly and then course-correct with targeted training and development.

Identify Opportunities with Performance Gap Analysis

A data-driven approach to analyzing performance can empower your organization to identify why people leave and boost retention. Discover which of your top performers are at risk of leaving and why so you can effectively target your retention strategies, reduce risk, and improve business outcomes.

  • Visualize your entire workforce—performance, skills, and development—to analyze strengths, address gaps, and proceed accordingly.
  • See and understand your organization’s people manager effectiveness.

Strengthen Your Succession Pipeline

Make timely and proactive decisions about your organization’s future and reduce risk by analyzing trends to support strategic succession planning.

  • View the size of your succession candidate pool by position and candidate readiness, then predict who is ready now or will be in the future.
  • Identify trends in your organization’s succession plans to streamline your succession strategy.
  • Break down time-since-promotion by succession job and discover actionable insights.

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