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Managing a skilled and motivated workforce is more complex than ever. And for complex challenges, you need flexible software. Deployed separately or as a suite, our solutions span compensation, learning, org charting, performance, recruiting and succession-for large and mid-enterprise organizations.

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We needed a product that was very intuitive, could be expanded rapidly and be multi-lingual. We found PeopleFluent was robust enough to be able to handle the ten-thousand plus employees that we have now in the system.

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Boost employee performance with ongoing feedback, productive one-on-ones, and deep analytics that help people grow. PeopleFluent’s configurable performance management suite includes everything you need to move your organization forward. See how PeopleFluent Performance goes beyond basic HCM capabilities and helps your people reach their full potential.


Align your compensation strategy to the multifaceted nature of your organization. Pay strategies aren’t one-size-fits all, and neither should your compensation software. PeopleFluent Compensation augments the capabilities of your enterprise systems and gives you the depth of functionality to execute your total rewards program.


Strengthen your ability to identify, retain, and elevate the leaders in your organization. Integrated with your HCM, PeopleFluent’s succession planning software helps you build and maintain a healthy, sustainable leadership pipeline. Its flexible, functional toolset helps you identify and develop your future leaders.

People Analytics

Decisions that move people.

People Analytics will move you to places you haven't been able to reach before. Companies that are truly looking to make the critical decisions that will lead to smarter, more efficient, and growth outcomes need to include People Analytics as part of their Talent Management strategy. More than reports, more than dashboards, people analytics make the case for change.


Manage your high consequence learning programs with PeopleFluent learning solutions. Whether you’re focused on measuring the effect of learning and development, providing training and certifications, or ensuring company-wide compliance, we have the technology to help deliver, track, and analyze training and its business impact.

Org Charting

Gain the insights you need to make informed decisions about your workforce. Equipped with innovative modeling capabilities, OrgPublisher org charting software helps you gain clarity, align talent with business goals, control workforce costs, and enable strategic workforce planning goals. Make more informed decisions about succession planning, diversity, and other critical talent management issues.

Talent Mobility

Identify, grow, and retain your best talent. Prioritize talent development with a talent mobility solution that nurtures career growth and builds a high-performing workforce.

PeopleFluent has really started to build a strong trajectory as a Learning Systems Suite under our new classification. Its large US presence and its broader LTG connections in EMEA see PeopleFluent recognized as a Core Leader in the 2020 analysis.

- David Wilson, CEO of Fosway

Solutions for all businesses


Take your hiring process, and your organization, to the next level. Get the insights you need to make better, more informed hiring decisions. So you get top people on board. Fast. See how we help businesses with 1-999 employees keep you on the path to growth.

Solutions for small enterprise


For businesses of 1,000-4,999 employees, we deliver features and capabilities you need to manage your talent programs using your current staff and resources. An easy-to-use experience and premium support that gets you up and running in weeks, not months, saving time, and boosting ROI.

Solutions for mid-enterprise


See how we help businesses with 5,000+ employees. PeopleFluent has the tools to help you find, develop, and retain top talent. Comprehensive talent management software that offers functionality that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs, easily integrated into your systems, and responsive to a modern, global workforce.

Solutions for large enterprise

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