Succession & Development Planning to Identify and Grow Top Talent

Strong, successful enterprises aren’t built overnight, they’re grown over time. And when the world is constantly changing, continuity is critical. Succession planning software from PeopleFluent helps you get there. A complete, flexible, functional toolset that gives you what you need to make the right decisions about your organization’s future. So you can protect the success of your enterprise. Now and in the future.

Fill Your Talent Pool

Search for your next leaders or grow them. PeopleFluent Succession Planning software has the flexibility to do both. So you can find the diamonds in the rough and empower them to lead you into the future.

Keep track of top-performing, high-potential employees and candidates and map their career path options. Not in a spreadsheet, but in a tool that integrates with other data. So you can maintain their development and fill your leadership pipeline.

Understand Your Bench

How deep is your bench? The answer to that question might determine your organization’s future. PeopleFluent helps you keep tabs on your current talent - their skills, strengths, and potential - so you can determine who needs more development and who’s ready to step up.

Uncover Gaps & Plan Succession Scenarios

The future is unknowable. But you still have to plan for it. You have to anticipate every scenario, every what-if. PeopleFluent Succession gives you the tools to keep a close eye on employees’ strengths and skills gaps: see where you have gaps today, and where you might in the future. So you can build a succession plan to offer your talent the development they need to be ready for every possibility.

PeopleFluent’s depth of functionality gives you the tools in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to analyze your gaps, and calibrate your succession plans according to your talent pool and business needs. So you can see where your leadership vulnerabilities are and address them.

Analyze Every Angle

Don’t overlook the disruption of employee movement or make important decisions based on hunches. See when and where replacements will be required with analytics for succession planning.

  • Leverage our analytics tools to inform your succession plans
  • Use predictive analytics to determine who is likely to leave based on past trends
  • Drill down to see when and where replacements will be required
  • Ensure your development plans are effective, and that you have sufficient coverage for each of the key positions

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