Performance software to manage goals, objectives, and competencies.

An HR solution that helps enterprise organizations tackle daily tasks, like goal tracking and evaluations. PeopleFluent’s performance management software gives managers more time to create business value by helping employees succeed.

2 people hold giant cogs while others climb them

PeopleFluent Performance Management software gives you all the tools to design and deliver programs that scale. To push your people to achieve. To build a culture of support. To reach your business goals.

To reach higher, be flexible

Your company, your people, your processes are unique. PeopleFluent Performance Management software is flexible. Custom workflows and evaluations fit neatly into your existing programs. Forms can be configured for any device and are easy to use.

Performance Dashboard

See and build the future

A world-class team doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes hard work and planning to develop and nurture your people. Our career path visualization tools help you guide people’s growth. So you can identify skills gaps. And then fill them.

career pathing

Set, track, grow, repeat

Growth takes many forms. But if you don’t measure it, did it really happen? PeopleFluent Performance Management software makes it easy to set goals that are right for the individual. And track progress so employees and managers can work together to meet them.

performance dashboard

More Capabilities

Make the right moves

When the future of your people – and your organization – is on the line, gut feelings aren’t enough. Big decisions need data behind them. Our software gives you the information you need, so you and your managers can make the right moves.

Know your needs. And options.

You might have a superstar on staff, a born leader, an innovative thinker, and not even know it. With PeopleFluent’s powerful talent profiles, your performance management process will help you pinpoint the skills you need for important roles. And the people who can fill them.

Calibration with clarity

You track performance so you can adjust as needed. But adjusting employee performance isn’t like pulling a lever. It’s complicated, and you need clear feedback. PeopleFluent Performance Management software gives employees and managers the clarity they need to make the right adjustments.

The most powerful thing to me has been the flexibility that the PeopleFluent system has brought to us. I drive the process, not the system.

- Director of Talent and Faculty Affairs, Medical College of Wisconsin

Mid-enterprise: Robust goal setting, objectives, and competency management

Goals are proven to create a more skilled, productive workforce that’s always improving. PeopleFluent’s robust tools make it easy for managers to set goals and constantly track progress. So employees succeed, and so does the business.

personal growth dashboard

Large enterprise: Dynamic, continuous feedback creates growth

When you make it easy for managers to give continuous feedback, you create a culture of support and growth. For large, decentralized enterprises, that’s huge. PeopleFluent offers the tools and flexibility to empower your managers to offer feedback. Anytime. Anywhere.

Feedback channel on candidate prospects

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