Drive productivity, engagement, and retention with a holistic approach to performance management.

Boost employee performance with ongoing feedback, public recognition, and productive one-on-ones that help people grow. PeopleFluent’s configurable performance management suite includes everything you need to move your organization forward.

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PeopleFluent helps HR teams collect and deliver meaningful performance results to organizations’ leaders. But the technology needs to be intuitive enough for managers and employees to (want to) use it! With a comprehensive and user-friendly product suite of HR software, PeopleFluent helps managers and employees work on what matters most by driving continuous performance conversation, goal setting, and more.

Boost workforce effectiveness and agility

Enable employees to stay aligned and productive in an ever-changing business environment. With strategic planning, accountability, and visibility, team members can better support organizational goals. Ongoing conversations and feedback help employees work productively with teammates and cross-functional peers.

Help employees work smarter:

  • Develop and align goals across the organization to support company-wide objectives
  • Stay connected with recurring one-on-ones to discuss progress, learnings, and opportunities
  • Request feedback after work milestones to facilitate continuous improvement

Performance Dashboard

Support employee growth and development

Engage, attract, and retain employees by helping them grow professionally. With PeopleFluent, leaders can build career paths by identifying and developing employee skillsets and core competencies. Direct reports are also empowered to drive their own career conversations.

Build a culture of professional growth:

  • Create developmental goals that can be easily tracked and measured
  • Have conversations on coaching and skill development in one-on-one meetings
  • Leverage flexible check-ins to cover career development
  • Share feedback on an ongoing basis with teammates, peers, and direct reports
career pathing

Drive effective talent planning

Accurately measure performance to inform pay and advancement decisions. Gather insights from employee feedback, recognition, and goal data for fair and unbiased evaluations. Make smarter, more informed pay and promotion decisions after productive calibration sessions.

Instill equity in the talent planning and performance appraisal process

  • Include consistent, objective assessments of performance in review forms
  • Run calibration sessions with managers to ensure accuracy and fairness in performance ratings
  • Follow up on learnings and opportunities with one-on-one meetings
  • Identify and address skills gaps with career path visualization tools
performance dashboard

Strengthen corporate culture

Improve employee engagement with more feedback, inclusivity, and accountability. Drive retention with developmental opportunities and a commitment to employee growth. Help employees feel that they can bring their true selves to work.

Make your workplace even better

  • Track progress on engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion with employee surveys
  • Launch a recognition program so employees feel appreciated for their hard work
  • Enable employees to request feedback at any time, to support their growth and development
  • Boost employee-manager collaboration with recurring one-on-one meetings

More Capabilities

Make the right moves

When the future of your people – and your organization – is on the line, gut feelings aren’t enough. Big decisions need data behind them. Our software gives you the information you need, so you and your managers can make the right moves.

Know your needs. And options.

You might have a superstar on staff, a born leader, an innovative thinker, and not even know it. With PeopleFluent’s powerful talent profiles, your performance management process will help you pinpoint the skills you need for important roles. And the people who can fill them.

Calibration with clarity

You track performance so you can adjust as needed. But adjusting employee performance isn’t like pulling a lever. It’s complicated, and you need clear feedback. PeopleFluent Performance Management software gives employees and managers the clarity they need to make the right adjustments.

The most powerful thing to me has been the flexibility that the PeopleFluent system has brought to us. I drive the process, not the system.

- Director of Talent and Faculty Affairs, Medical College of Wisconsin

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