Performance Management Essentials

The core of your performance platform is a must. We have you covered no matter the size of your workforce.

Powerful Talent Profiles

Identify the skills you need to develop, and the people who have them. No matter where in your organization they might be.

Data-Driven Decisions

Give managers the information they need to set and track critical personnel decisions. To put your people, and your enterprise, in a position to succeed.

Stay on Track with Measurement and Accountability

Make sure goals are set and met. Help managers and employees work together to track progress and growth. Not just once a year, but continuously.

Flexible Workflow and Evaluations

Meet the specific needs of your people and your processes with flexible workflows. So you don’t have to adapt to the software. It adapts to you.

Proactive Career and Workforce Development

Work closely with your people to guide their growth. So they get the skills they want, and your organization builds the workforce you need.

Calibrate with Clarity

Help managers and employees take the guesswork out of their development. Provide clear feedback, aligned with professional and business goals, to allow people to adjust with confidence.

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