Compensation Analytics with Actionable Insights

Strategically use analytics to optimize salaries, impact your organization’s bottom line, and provide employees with competitive and equitable wages.

Man and woman shake hands in front of charts

Identify and fix compensation problems - before they arise

Compensation is one of the key culture-definers for organizations. Don’t leave it to gut-feeling. Proactively plan, model, and test attractive packages and solve compensation challenges for both your employees and your organization - throughout your entire total rewards cycle. When you’re ready, implement those changes with personalization at scale.

  • Evaluate compa-ratios across different departments, hiring groups, and more.
  • Instantly compare compensation profiles when high performers are considering leaving.
  • Discover actionable insights with compensation analytics to address the gender wage gap.
  • Account for internal and external rewards factors such as appraisals, salary structures, geography, and job descriptions.
  • Continually stay on top of and review award recommendations to create a culture of recognition while boosting morale and engagement.

Find clarity in your compensation data with analytics

With compensation analytics, you have unbiased data and insights for salary and benefits. Make informed compensation decisions to attract and retain the right talent by visualizing your compensation data in one place and discovering trends that result in key business outcomes.

  • Empower leaders to view current compensation costs and develop fair compensation strategies for their teams.
  • Review past history on salary, bonus, stock, and benefits to stay competitive in the current market.
  • Identify opportunities where you can improve your compensation strategy to engage and retain employees.
  • Customize compensation charts and graphs to match your processes and guidelines while being able to share and download the reports.

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