Large Media Company Improves Organizational Planning Globally Through PeopleFluent OrgPublisher

Company profile

One of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of news, entertainment, and information, the organization employs 40,000 professionals and operates in 23 countries around the world.

Business challenges

With thousands of employees, including hundreds of field HR and HRIS representatives across 23 countries, sustaining an up-to-date view of the workforce is essential. The company needed to equip its executives and other decision-makers with actionable organizational information to drive effective talent management decisions. The company suffered from inaccurate reporting capabilities which affected a number of HR processes, including Compensation and Performance Management.

The PeopleFluent solution

The company implemented PeopleFluent OrgPublisher to improve its global organizational management and reporting capabilities. With simple, metrics-driven org chart functionality, OrgPublisher helps HR representatives with overall organizational management and its effect on processes like end-users’ security, workflows and approvals, performance management, merit planning, and budgeting. With OrgPublisher, the customers can see the company’s entire workforce holistically, presented in a highly intuitive and visual way. Organizational charts are refreshed nightly to ensure that global HR client support and HRIS teams have access to the most up-to-date information.

Multiple business units have functionally benefited from PeopleFluent OrgPublisher:

  • Acquisition and reorganization modeling—HR can look at the future state of their organizational structure, review it with leadership, and rapidly get sign off on new requisitions and organizational changes
  • Budgeting and merit planning—Before every Compensation cycle, Finance reviews the organizational structure and confirms it’s aligned correctly. This alleviates the potential risk of incorrect budget allocation, improper routing of performance management documents, or workflows sent for incorrect approvals.
  • Security, Compliance, and Governance—Internal IT relies on OrgPublisher as the backbone for quarterly security reviews. The system confirms that the appropriate people have legitimate access to the system.
  • Job cataloging—The parent company powers its job catalog with OrgPublisher’s visualization capabilities. This enables users to see jobs by function, family, level, and career type.
  • Operations planning teams and the technology support groups leverage the system for reporting and scenario planning.

“OrgPublisher has now become an integral part of our HR processes. At this point, it is almost inseparable. Our HR team members see OrgPublisher as their own management tool.”

Business results

Based on end-user feedback, the company cited the following core strengths of OrgPublisher:

  • Organizational charts presented in visually appealing format
  • Easy to use with very little or no training
  • Organizational charts can be formatted to reflect corporate/business branding
  • Data is in sync with employee system of record
  • Does not require complex security setup
  • Flexible reporting and analytics capability
  • Provides different views of the organizational structure
  • Single view for all organizational assignment information
  • Superior support model

PeopleFluent Org Charting Software

OrgPublisher from PeopleFluent isn’t your average org chart generator. It lets you see your whole enterprise from any angle. Through any lens. Get all the information you need to make plans, decisions, and adjustments. Discover why more than 2,000 organizations already use OrgPublisher to drive strategic talent decisions.

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