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PeopleFluent Learning Management System

Develop Your Talent to Ensure You Have the Skills and Experience You Need

PeopleFluent’s Learning Management System delivers all the features and functionality required to build a world-class workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an ultra-competitive marketplace. It provides a unified and fully configurable environment for all learning, skills and compliance needs. The Learning Management System also delivers high-impact learning that may include and combine all types of delivery options including instructor-led training (ILT), e-Learning, virtual classroom and social learning.

Why Companies Rely on PeopleFluent Learning Management System:

  • Efficient and Reliable Implementation. PeopleFluent Learning Management System is delivered with preconfigured user groups, reports and notifications, thus avoiding weeks (even months) of costly configuration and customization. Our proven implementation methodology provides a clear roadmap with detailed tasks and action steps right from the beginning of the project.
  • High Level of Configurability. From the learning portal to the course catalogue, organizational hierarchy, groups of rights, terminology, visual look-and-feel, reports, email notifications, and custom fields, everything is client-configurable and can be tailored to the organization’s processes to provide a personalized and comprehensive learning solution.
  • Award-Winning Reporting and Analytics. PeopleFluent Learning Management System provides an award-winning Report Engine that allows you to rapidly extract, combine and analyze large volumes of data in real time. Whatever data you need to track and report on, PeopleFluent Learning Management will consolidate and display it in a variety of formats. You can generate drill-down dashboards, easily run queries, manipulate data once the report has been generated, customize reports internally without outside programming services and quickly communicate pertinent information while protecting the security and confidentiality of the data.

Key Features include:

  • Learning management system: Whether online, in a classroom or in a virtual classroom, give your employees easy and convenient access to the learning and know-how they need – right when they need it.
  • Content management: Manage all learning assets in a centralized and searchable repository. Quickly author, publish and deploy media-rich online courses, assessments and surveys.
  • Skills and compliance management: An award-winning skills and compliance management module provides advanced capabilities to assess, manage and report on every aspect of your compliance training strategy.
  • Social learning: Enable learners to collaborate and share knowledge using familiar Web 2.0 tools such as discussion forums, “Facebook type” personal walls, content ratings, expert networks, and more.
  • Reports: Access over 90 ready-to-use report templates powered by an award-winning report engine. The system’s “drag and drop” Report Designer allows you to easily create and customize your own reports.
  • e-Commerce: Turn your learning activities into a new revenue stream delivering training, certification programs and knowledge assets to your extended network of customers, partners and suppliers.

Key Benefits at a Glance:

Accelerate Learning Effectiveness. PeopleFluent Learning Management System provides everything you need to build powerful learning solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Provide employees with a user-friendly learning portal that becomes a “one-stop shop” for all their learning needs.
  • Leverage the knowledge of your people by enabling them to create and share knowledge and collaborate with their peers.
  • Build seamless blended learning programs by combining instructor-led training, e-learning and virtual classrooms.
  • Manage classrooms, instructors and equipment with conflict detection and resolution.
  • Import, launch and track SCORM and AICC courses with the ability to view and manage employees’ training progress, status and results.

Quickly Develop and Deliver e-Learning Content. PeopleFluent offers a built-in web authoring tool as well as learning content management functionality. PeopleFluent Learning Management System can be used as a central hub to develop, manage and deploy all your learning content.

  • Easily create media-rich online courses.
  • Author questions and organize them into online exams, tests or surveys that can be added to courses or delivered separately.
  • Use built-in templates to accelerate course development and ensure consistency of style.
  • Centralize all types of learning content and knowledge assets in a searchable and secure repository for quick access, reuse and updates.
  • Import and manage learning content built with any external authoring tool such as Flash, Captivate, Word or PowerPoint.
  • Enhance learning with interactive communication tools such as user ratings, discussion forums, web feeds, locate the Expert, FAQs, email, etc.

Easily Manage Employee Skills and Certifications. PeopleFluent Learning Management System allows you to rapidly collect information and transform it into a powerful decision-making tool. It provides a real-time “big picture” view of organizational capability as well as detailed snapshots of “who can do what”.

  • Gain instant views of qualified and/or certified employees for specific jobs or projects.
  • Build teams with the desired mix of skills.
  • Identify skill and/or certification gaps. Develop and deliver targeted training and development to close identified gaps.
  • Link employee skills, certifications and development plans to your strategic goals and report on progress.
  • Automate the administration and management of the entire lifecycle of certifications (recurring, renewal-based, multi-year, equivalencies and dependency, reminders and alerts).
  • Provide complete and detailed audit trails to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

To learn more about how our Learning Management solution can benefit your business, please contact us today