How Humentum Delivers Critical Learning to Aid Organizations and Charities With PeopleFluent Learning

Humentum provides practical solutions, expertise, and professional communities to organizations seeking to strengthen their core capabilities and achieve greater impact. It offers training and consulting services to social good organizations on a range of topics, including compliance, financial management, program management, and people development.

With staff based across the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and India, Humentum aims to help organizations achieve operational excellence and through that, change the lives of the people it works with.

Humentum’s 270+ members include Habitat for Humanity, Hope International, the Salvation Army World Service Office, Save the Children, the WWF, Oxfam, and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, among many others.

The Challenge: Providing Flexible Online Learning Solutions to Non-Profit Organizations

Humentum’s clients, members, and Humentum Learning Services (HLS) subscribers often focus on helping people in developing countries and active conflict zones. Staff in these locations may work long hours in difficult conditions, with little time available to dedicate to learning. The training they receive needs to be easily accessible and available at their convenience, making eLearning content an ideal learning method.

Humentum supports hundreds of organizations across the globe with staff working in such conditions, each with its own distinct learning and training needs. These organizations range widely in size, and many of them don’t have a professional learning administrator on their staff, let alone their own learning management system (LMS). Often the human resource departments instead administer eLearning content.

The organizations rely on Humentum to provide the critical learning resources and support necessary to keep their employees informed and prepared to do their jobs. They have many different learning objectives and varying degrees of learning administration experience or knowledge. Humentum must, therefore, offer a platform that’s easy for both learners and administrators to navigate.

The Solution: An Intuitive and Configurable LMS

Humentum’s partnership with PeopleFluent began in 2014. PeopleFluent discovered the extraordinary work of LINGOS—one of three organizations that merged in 2017 to form Humentum—and offered the nonprofit access to its online training solution, PeopleFluent Learning.

Through PeopleFluent Learning, Humentum is able to build dedicated learning portals, pre-populate them with content, and offer them to organizations, providing each a centralized location to access all of their online and face-to-face training programs.

This solution is effective whether or not organizations have dedicated learning professionals on staff. “We do all the heavy lifting for them,” says Gus Curran, Senior Manager of Learning Services at Humentum. “The whole idea is to make the LMS simple for people to use, and it’s very intuitive for learners and administrators. We give them the tools they need to deploy content, track their learners’ activity, and report back to their stakeholders quickly.”

Humentum uses PeopleFluent Learning to offer two distinct packages, flexibly addressing the different capabilities of its members. A “quickstart” version of the LMS is available pre-loaded with access to 500 courses. This offers limited customization outside of a simple WordPress-powered welcome page, and locks down a number of more advanced LMS features. This option is favored by organizations that would simply not have time to play with the larger feature set within a small learning administration budget.

Alternatively, organizations can opt for a highly-configurable package offering a more extensive course library and access to several key PeopleFluent Learning features unavailable in the quickstart version. This is typically favored by a number of Humentum’s larger clients, and these organizations can better express their brand and values through a wider range of portal personalization options. They also have the ability to create learning paths, issue completion certificates, and upload their own courses alongside Humentum’s expanded library.

The Result: Making Education Accessible and Allowing Organizations to Scale Training Efforts

Through its partnership with PeopleFluent, Humentum helps organizations deliver training and learning opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. “We support people who are doing the work on the ground to help others learn,” says Gus Curran. “People all over the world are improving their skills in project and financial management, fraud investigation, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), among other essential topics.”

With PeopleFluent Learning, Humentum’s clients have the technical capability required to launch and track business-critical compliance learning courses at scale. Using PeopleFluent Learning means these organizations can deliver essential training on challenges that significantly impact the success of their invaluable work.

In 2022, Humentum had over 290,000 enrollments across more than 700 courses. It additionally assisted its organizations with enrolling nearly 46,000 new unique learners located in 156 countries. As of writing, Humentum has almost 140,000 active users in the system.

This is an update to the original case study published in 2019.

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