Built for Highly-Regulated Industries

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your employees’ development, so why should your learning management system? Companies in highly regulated industries often have the most complex and demanding learning and training requirements. With PeopleFluent Learning, quickly and easily deliver training, track certifications, and reduce regulatory risk.

In regulated industries, training programs are complex and ever-evolving. And if they’re not executed or documented correctly, it directly impacts the bottom line and opens the door for significant risk.

Rely on an LMS built for high-consequence industries

PeopleFluent Learning is a highly configurable LMS that can adjust to the complex needs of such industries, offering more breadth and depth of functionality to allow companies in high-consequence industries to address their diverse learning requirements.

PeopleFluent’s LMS has a long track record of supporting the evolving training and compliance needs for companies in the following regulated industries:

  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation

Configure your LMS to meet the unique learning requirements of your business

Your learning needs are different from other organizations. You need a highly configurable LMS that fits your training requirements. PeopleFluent understands there are myriad ways that organizations can deliver training.

One of the key strengths of the PeopleFluent LMS is how you can configure it to address your diverse training needs. In fact, PeopleFluent Learning has an industry-leading selection of in-depth features that can be enabled or disabled, or otherwise be adjusted to meet the needs of your employees.

  • Create and define custom user roles.
  • Customize administrative, management, and user privileges with granular controls.
  • Set specific course communications with notification triggers, multi-language support, multiple recipient types, and over 200 course-related variables.
  • Review and update learner transcripts and training plans online, in both hierarchical and matrix managerial structures.

Track training delivery with powerful reporting and analytics

In highly regulated industries, it’s critical that organizations have the ability to verify who has taken training courses and when. In any incident investigation, the organization will have to quickly retrieve relevant transcripts and prove who was trained on the related content within a specific timeframe.

High-consequence industries often need both learning and administrative auditing capabilities. With PeopleFluent Learning, you can see who received training, when they received it, and any changes that are made to administrative functionality.

And with PeopleFluent reporting and analytics, you can:

  • Run more than 150 standard, pre-built reports.
  • Configure custom reports with a built-in report wizard.
  • Schedule reports to be distributed on a regular basis.
  • Track learning activity and progress with dashboards.

Ensure employees are properly certified

An effective compliance training program requires keeping up with which employees are certified and when certificates will expire. PeopleFluent Learning tracks certifications and allows you to configure and set up expirations and re-enrollments for annual training courses.

Learning paths in the PeopleFluent LMS also provide employees with a visual way to see how they need to achieve required competencies. These learning paths help maintain the flow of continuing education by reminding employees when it's time to take new or updated training for compliance or development. They also enable skills-based development, allowing people to see training needed for career advancement.

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