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Humentum Delivers Critical Learning to Aid Organizations and Charities

Company profile

With offices in the US and UK, as well as regional hubs in Latin America and Africa, Humentum provides aid organizations and charities with training consultancy and online learning. Its aim is to help its members achieve organizational excellence and through that, change the lives of the people they work with.

Humentum’s members in the development and relief community include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Habitat For Humanity, Hope International, The Salvation Army World Service Office, Save the Children, the WWF, Oxfam, Rise Against Hunger, CARE and The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, amongst many others.

The Challenge

Humentum’s members and its employees are based all over the world. Its work focuses on helping people in developing countries, as well as places that are active conflict zones.

Delivering learning to employees working in these kinds of locations is a challenge. The training they receive needs to be easy to access and available at a time that suits them. Often staff in these location are working long hours in difficult conditions, and may only have an hour or so to spare in the evenings to learn.

While you may think that internet connectivity would be poor in these locations, the rapid pace of technology has meant that it’s rare not to have any access to the internet, and many people now have reliable internet access through their cellphones. Learners can also download content onto the mobile LMS app to take training wherever and whenever it suits them.

That makes online learning the ideal format for delivering training. But managing and delivering eLearning courses to the hundreds of individual organizations they work with, and their many thousands of employees is a complex and challenging task.

Providing Dedicated Learning Portals to Learners All Around the World

PeopleFluent’s partnership with Humentum started in 2014. After hearing about the extraordinary work of LINGOs (which then merged with two other organizations to form Humentum), we offered the organization access to the PeopleFluent LMS.

This implementation has allowed Humentum to greatly expand the scope and reach of its learning. Now, each member organization its works with gets their own dedicated learning portal. This gives staff a centralized location to access all of their learning programs.

Each portal is built in the popular blogging platform, WordPress, which means it can be easily customized to suit the needs of individual members. Every member organization can clearly structure and present courses and programs according to their learners’ particular needs. They can also personalize the portal to accurately represent their organization’s brand and values.

The portals integrate with PeopleFluent LMS through the Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing Humentum and its members, to easily manage learning content and track learner activity.

Delivering Essential Compliance Training at Scale

PeopleFluent LMS gives Humentum’s partners the technical capability required to launch and track business-critical compliance learning courses at scale. This means they can deliver essential training on challenges that can really affect the success of development work, such as safety and security, or bribery and corruption.

“It’s not every company that’s willing to support a charity on this level. It’s an incredible story that’s really changing lives. People have careers because of the access to learning that the PeopleFluent LMS provides.”

Supercharging Learning Programs

Humentum works with a range of partners to deliver valuable learning content to its members. But what they’ve found since implementing the PeopleFluent LMS is that not only are their members using it to access the learning Humentum provide, they’re also harnessing their portals to host and manage other learning courses too.

PeopleFluent LMS’s vast range of features gives Humentum’s members the flexibility to host and manage their own online learning and face-toface training, giving them a centralized location to manage every aspect of their training programs.

Another bonus of working with the PeopleFluent LMS is that members can easily share learning content with each other. For example, one aid organization may have created valuable training on child protection which it can share with other Humentum members that require training in the same area. This ability to cross-collaborate only serves to strengthen and build on the services that Humentum provides.

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