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PeopleFluent Reduces Time to Recruit by 30% and Drives Enhanced Candidate Experience at American Cancer Society

Business Challenge

One of the unique challenges that the ACS faced from a talent acquisition standpoint, especially being a nonprofit, was trying to effectively compete in a candidate-driven labor market. Their immediate focus: update their existing applicant tracking system and the experience that candidates had across the various recruiting platforms, including the ACS website.

Thomas and her team set out to optimize their applicant tracking system so that it created an emotional connection throughout a candidate’s experience, whether they were simply looking at existing opportunities or actually applying for a position. In order to capture that, they aligned their recruiting management system efforts with the rollout of new national advertising campaign.

The team also uncovered an obstacle related with the application process itself. The ACS recognized a significant need to simplify their existing talent application process. They found that last year more than 95,000 candidates came to the site, filled out the application and submitted it for consideration. What they didn’t know was that they were experiencing a drop-off rate of approximately 80%. They had almost 500,000 people come to the site, try to apply for a position, but for whatever reason, didn’t complete the process. What was most disappointing to the ACS was the loss of potential talent.

Approach and Solution

They found what they needed with PeopleFluent’s Recruiting solution. In doing a thorough analysis of their existing problem with the applicant drop-off rate, the ACS discovered that the application itself was seven pages long. As a result, the ACS shortened the application significantly and made it more user friendly by giving candidates the ability to auto-fill or download their resume directly from LinkedIn, Dropbox or Google Drive. This simple enhancement eliminated a time consuming and manually intensive step in the application process.

The ACS is leveraging PeopleFluent’s Recruiting solution for seasonal hiring requirements as well. For example, when the company was preparing for its Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walks, PeopleFluent’s solution enabled them to tap into their database of 3.5M candidates to hire the additional 250 people they would need in a one-month period.

PeopleFluent’s mobile functionality also enabled the ACS to attract a greater amount of millennial candidates. The organization’s previous ATS was only accessible via a desktop computer, and with PeopleFluent they were able to use social media to efficiently and effectively promote their job openings and improve recruitment efforts.

Business Results

To measure success, the ACS focused on two key metrics in the short term:
  1. Time to Fill - As an income-driven organization, every day that an income position stays vacant, that’s a loss of revenue that impacts the ACS’ ability to fulfill its important mission.

  2. Retention Rates - To help improve overall retention, the ACS did a deep dive into the analytics of retention looking at certain positions that turn over fairly frequently.

The ACS is also using PeopleFluent to help with strategic analysis of metrics including Cost per Hire and Quality of Hire. For example, the ACS currently sends out a post-recruitment survey to the hiring managers where they are asked to evaluate the overall recruitment experience, as well as the quality of candidates presented to them. The intent is to understand the quality of the applicant pool, the numbers of qualified candidates, and how the hiring managers are evaluating what the ATS is producing for them.

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