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"We needed a product that was very intuitive, could be expanded rapidly and be multi-lingual… We found PeopleFluent was robust enough to be able to handle the ten-thousand plus employees that we have now in the system."

Sam Gaglio

Manager of Global HR Shared Services, Hertz Corporation


The Hertz Corporation Adopts PeopleFluent Talent Management Suite and Colossus to Manage Growing Workforce

Business Challenge

Hertz needed a product that was intuitive, could be expanded at the speed of business and was capable of functioning in seven different languages to serve their global workforce.

The Solution

Hertz chose to implement PeopleFluent’s compensation product to deliver accurate payments and centralized data, allow access from anywhere in the world and reduce the risks of manual error.

It collaborated with PeopleFluent’s current HR software to maintain an organized and integrated system of applicants, which increases by over 20,000 applications per month.

Hertz is powered by


  • Overall improvement in effectively managing global 30,000+ workforce
  • Increased efficiency in data downloads and integration, boosting productivity especially during busy hiring periods
  • Increased collaboration and reporting effectiveness
  • Improved integration easing data accessibility