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Hospital Finds a Cure for their Talent Acquisition Ailments

With over 7,000 nurses, technologists and medical support staff, 1,000 affiliate physicians and 1500 volunteers, WakeMed provides its patients with the best technology, facilities and most advanced healthcare in North Carolina.

Business Challenge

To find a comprehensive talent management solution to meet their strategic recruiting and onboarding goals while providing the very best experience for recruiters, candidates and the organization

The Solution

  • PeopleFluent Talent Engagement Cloud provided WakeMed with a comprehensive solution that provided automation to their recruiting and onboarding processes.
  • These solutions provided the efficiency and consistency the company was seeking along with enhanced communication and engagement levels for all stakeholders.
  • WakeMed has surpassed their recruiting and onboarding goals since bringing in targeted solutions from PeopleFluent’s Talent Engagement Cloud.
  • The business analytics and reporting tools built into the solutions have allowed WakeMed to strategically evaluate and manage their recruiting and onboarding initiatives more efficiently.

WakeMed is powered by


  • Reduced time-to-hire by 50% for key positions

  • Reduced time-filled for all positions by 30%, from 61 days to 43 days
  • Improved efficiency and socialization of Onboarding process
  • Improved communication between recruiters and hiring managers
  • Enhanced online experience for all stakeholders