A little support during complicated times

If you're wondering how to bring your instructor-led training to an online delivery platform quickly, we are here to help. Instilled by PeopleFluent will help to get you through this time and keep your business running—at no cost and for at least the next 90 days.

We are ready to turn Instilled on for you today. Just complete the form to the right and then read through the page for instructions on how to use Instilled once our team turns it on for you.

If you are a professor, trainer, manager, CEO, coach, instructor of any sort, or leading your organization through this crisis, you have plans to do what you do best: teach others. Let’s not break those plans. Let’s just do them more creatively.

Everything you planned to teach or present in front of a group can still be done—at your home and with your webcam. With Instilled by PeopleFluent, you will turn your webcam on and begin. Imagine the audience in front of you, wear what you planned to wear or choose a more casual approach. It’s your content and your expertise that matters and we’ll capture that for you.

Simply record all at once—minutes to hours—or record in bits and do the laundry in between. We will have it saved, captioned and translated for you when you return. Then, add supplemental documents of any type (including archived WebExs, PPTs, PDFs, and existing videos) to create a playlist that covers all aspects of the learning experience. When you are ready, send that playlist to your learners via email or a link on a webpage.

It’s that easy. What’s more is that we don’t care how many videos and documents you add or how many people you send to. Instantly, you turn people who were “unreachable” into an online community of creators and contributors. Your learners can ask questions and comments directly in the video and you get those comments and questions immediately to answer in real-time or when you have the time.

Don’t change your plans. Change how you keep them. We depend on the knowledge we share with each other. That knowledge-sharing fuels our businesses, our relationships, and our lives. Let us help you continue to do what you love: teach others. Instilled is trusted by companies including Comcast, Shell, PNC Bank, numerous pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and financial institutions as well as the U.S. government. We hope you will trust us too.

See how Instilled can look for your organization by looking at how we use it at ours.

Use Instilled Now.

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